Have a look at a Stone Cleaning Process

Natural stone is the most elegant and luxurious of all flooring materials. Slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and sandstone are all common natural stone flooring with modest differences in qualities. Natural stone flooring in homes, workplaces, and even commercial buildings is an investment that adds beauty and value to any structure over time.

The three most common stone finishes are:

  • A polished finish is a glossy finish that reflects light and highlights color.
  • A honed finish is a satin-smooth surface with negligible light refraction. Where the polished finish will be worn off by heavy traffic, this is the preferred option.
  • A flamed finish is a rough-textured surface that is commonly found on granite floors.

Many different finishes, on the other hand, are available and utilized all over the world. It is usually prudent to keep meticulous records of the stone’s type, name, and origin at their facility.

Natural Stone Maintenance

General cleaners aren’t designed specifically for real stone. It is never suggested to be used, especially if the stone has been sealed, as these might dissolve the sealer, eliminating its protective characteristics and causing the stone and grout to discolor. Furthermore, cleaning agents including vinegar, bleach, lemon, or ammonia can chip away the polish and discolor the surface.

Stone Cleaning agent is an ingredient found in a variety of cleaners. In hard water, this agent breaks down and dissolves minerals. Because every stone is made up of minerals, these cleansers will disintegrate over time and leave streaks. A stone cleanser with a neutral pH value is strongly suggested. Because stone is a one-of-a-kind creation of the Earth, each flooring application is unique.

Easily accessible stone surfaces, such as pathways, fountains, and steps, should be swept and washed with water regularly to keep them free of debris and soil. Periodic inspection of stone surfaces for structural faults, movement, degradation, or staining should be part of routine maintenance. When it comes to exterior stone maintenance, the larger amount of stone commonly seen on exterior applications makes routine maintenance impractical.

Care And Cleaning Procedures

  • Because of their extremely direct impact, sand, mud, and grit cause the most harm to natural stone surfaces. Internally and externally at entrances, an appropriate door matting system will assist limit the sand, dirt, and grit that will harm any stone floor. Make sure the mat or rug has a non-slip surface on the underside.
  • If the discoloration persists or appears to be too tough to cure, they should contact a stone care professional.

Natural stone materials are developed over millions of years beneath the earth’s surface and often contain several different components. If these materials contain iron, it may be a common problem on a white marble stone. Most white marble will develop a light brown spot over time, eventually forming a black cloud-like coating. This is due to the iron component, which reacts with moisture beneath and above the surface, causing rust. A good way to avoid this problem is to adequately waterproof the surface before installing it. Most individuals encounter this issue after installation, and in this case, treatment with a good penetrating sealer applied above the surface will suffice.


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