The entries received would be evaluated and judged based on the following criteria:

– Originality, response. Aspirational and original projects with programmatic response to existing environmental and social conditions and local challenges.

– Innovative design ideas, materials and systems

– Design aesthetics, form, vision, material and technical ambitions.

– Appropriate use of design principles, impacts. Clear definition of positive transformative social, spatial and environmental impact of the project.

– Clarity in ideas, innovative resolution, functionality. Spatial, material and technical justification. Clarity of design process.

– Response to the context, Relevance. A clear declaration of conditions that set the contextual parameters of the project through identification of local challenges, construction and living culture.

– Sheet Composition, General design quality, Symbolic and emotional content

– Understanding of environment-friendly, sustainablility, energy saving

– Community integration, Cultural relevance, minimisation of negative environmental impact of the building

– Modular philosophy, the possibility of expansion to cater for larger areas