The Attic Is A Perfect Hiding Place

A properly installed insulation inhibits the transfer of heat from the inside to the outer environment. Most homeowners comprehend the significance of insulation in shivering winters and scorching summers but do not understand over time, the efficacy of insulation diminishes. Whether your home is new or old, it is crucial to examine the condition of insulation in the attic. The material used in insulation deteriorates over time and needs to be replenished. In such conditions, it is wise to remove and install a new one for optimal performance lasting for years. Irrespective of the intention, new insulation reduce utility bill and increase heat-retaining efficacy. 

No insulation is perfect

Irrespective of the insulation material and its warranty period, no insulation is perfect or not prone to damage. Water leakage is the most prominent factor that damages insulation; when moisture creeps in through cracks or another opening, it considerably affects the condition of the insulation. The inlet water is partially absorbed by the insulation material, whether fiber, cellulose, mineral wool, or other, before it flows out of the dark, damp attic as insulation is permeable and fibrous substance water causes the most damage to it. Not only does it decrease the efficacy and life span of insulation the dampness activates mold mildew growth, a potential health hazard.

The prime cause for the reduction of efficacy

If the insulation is damaged by fire, it needs immediate removal and reinstallation; contact Fort Lauderdale insulation removal for the process. Even if the insulation is not burnt by the inferno, the burnt smell gets trapped inside the porous insulation material. It is an irritant if not resolved immediately. Contamination by rodents, molds, and mildew is another prime cause for the reduction of efficacy of the life span of insulation. The attic is a perfect hiding place for varied animals, including rats and raccoons, and becomes a breeding ground over time. Rodent inhabitant in attic crumples insulation, dramatically reducing the capacity of insulation. The thirteen-inch insulation can be squeezed to three inches by mice and other pests; as the squashed insulation becomes ineffective, it is recommended to remove it as soon as possible.


If the home insulation is not optimally performing or is severely dented, removing it is the wisest decision as it impacts air quality, energy efficiency, and health safety. In most homes in the US, the insulation is decades old and has never been removed and replaced as it is not considered important. Homeowners assume it is a costly affair, so they live with outdated tattered attic insulation, but the reality is very different.

Increase the energy efficacy

Removing contaminated insulation and installing a new one increases the energy efficacy of the place significantly. With effective attic insulation, the HVAC machine maintains optimal temperature with much ease in harsh weather conditions. Removing old contaminated insulation directly impacts the monthly energy consumption of the house, thus reducing the energy bill. Good indoor air quality is a crucial factor in the overall well-being of the residents; new insulation can dramatically improve indoor air quality. If there are numerous connections in the attic for exhaust vents, focus lights, and wiring replacing the old insulation and disinfecting will improve air quality as it eliminates molds, mildew, and another microorganism. 

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