Top 6 Rug Cleaning Pro Tips

Along with their warmth and softness, people love rugs because of their less maintenance and upkeep than hard-surface flooring. Typically, regular vacuuming and occasional deep-clean washing are necessary to keep these floorings looking new and fresh.

Regardless of your efforts, the rugs can eventually become a victim of spills, splashes, nasty mishaps, and anything you track in on the bottom of your shoes. That’s why here we have given some pro tips from rug cleaning specialists for you to protect your flooring from damages:

  1. Rather than rubbing stains, blot them!

When a stain or spill develops, resist the impulse to begin scrubbing right away. That will push the stain marks further into the flooring. Instead, gently dab spots with a clean cloth, paper towel, or sponge with a cleaning solution.

Blot the stain from the outside border inward toward the centre; blotting outward might spread the spill further across the flooring. If you think your stained rug needs professional cleaning, connect with a firm that provides the best rug cleaning in Gold Coast.

  1. Deal with stains right away

If you have stains on your rug, clean them thoroughly. You can delicately scrape the food in the centre of the spill using a spoon or dull knife. Then place the cloth over the stain and cure it. Greasy spills are also notoriously difficult to clean from rugs. There is a catch if you put a few drops of grease-cutting dish detergent into a cup of water appropriately. Mix the solution gently to dissolve it, then pour it into a spray bottle and soak the grease stain.

  • To avoid discolouration, avoid rubbing or scrubbing the stain with force.
  • Starting from the margins, gently brush away the marks with a cloth.
  • In the case of Mud, prints should be let dry before being removed.

To avoid any mishap, you can always go for Spark rug cleaning services in Gold Coast.

  1. Using a Squeegee, remove pet hair

Pet hair is notable for being tough to remove with a vacuum cleaner alone. Lint rollers may also be ineffective because we’re talking about cleaning the entire surface area, and some pets’ shedding may be excessive. If your rug has a short thread, the trusty squeegee will serve the purpose of removing pet fur.

Although the squeegee is for windows, it can remove muck, ice, and other items that build thin layers and attach to a surface — just like pet hair on flooring. Wet the squeegee and use it like you would on a window.

  1. Vinegar and club soda are your best friends

You may have heard that club soda can remove beer and wine stains from flooring, which is correct—if used appropriately.

  • To begin, dab the spot with a clean towel dampened with club soda. Repeat with more club soda if the stain seems lighter.
  • If it doesn’t work, combine white vinegar and water in a one-to-one ratio and pour it into a portable spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution onto the discoloured area and allow it to soak in for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Next, dab a clean, dry sponge over the saturated area to absorb the cleaning solution and the diluted stain.
  • If required, repeat the technique until the stain is completely removed.

To save this hassle, call professionals for stain removal and rug wash in Gold Coast.

  1. Using Shoe Caps, you can keep your flooring clean

Will there be any occasions, such as event preparation, that will result in heavy foot traffic on your rugs? Here is the solution to safeguard your rug from heavy traffic – Wearing shoe caps. That will minimise the impacts from boots, running shoes, and stilettos and discourage individuals from tracking too much dirt into the house, reducing any damage. Prevention is just as essential as upkeep, and planning ahead of time keeps cleaning to a minimum.

  1. Using a Clothes Iron, clean the rug stains

When you can act quickly, blotting stains can be effective. However, stains can appear, and you may be unaware of them at the moment. Fortunately, you may use a clothes iron to remove the dried spots.

This solution is fantastic for eliminating dried stains!

  • Vacuum clean the rug first
  • Spray the flooring with a 1:3 mixture of vinegar and water (Please wait 5 minutes.)
  • Cover the soiled area with a towel
  • Apply a little pressure to the towel with the hot iron (10 sec)
  • The discolouration will spread throughout the towel
  • You can do it again. (Each time, clean the towel area)
  • (Each time, clean the towel area)

Keeping your authentic rugs looking nice and clean all the time needs effort. However, by consulting rug cleaning specialists, you can ensure the complete safety of your delicate rug. So, hire the professional rug cleaning gold coast for an annual rug cleaning and take care of your flooring’s cleanliness and maintenance.


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