Blue Kitchen Cabinets Still Trendy Even Summer is Over

The color blue reminds people of nature. It is associated with seas, oceans, and the sky. Presently, blue features in almost all aspects of human life, including kitchen interior design. Blue-themed kitchens have turned out to be some of the highly remarked modern kitchen designs. 

According to interior designers, the best way to achieve a blue kitchen interior design is to install blue-colored cabinets. In this article, we seek to explain everything about blue kitchen cabinets, including whether or not they are in fashion. 

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Blue Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Whereas blue-colored drawers are more often defined from the perspective of their  nature-oriented striking blue tones alone, they stand out as distinguishable based on numerous aspects, of which the most notable include; 

#1: Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Blue cabinets, especially navy blue kitchen cabinets, are simpler to take care of, especially regarding cleaning and maintenance. Because of their bold demeanor, varieties of blue shades can easily dominate scratches and dust when applied to furniture. 

Blue-stained cabinets are, as a matter of fact, considerably less susceptible to peal-offs as far as the quality of surfaces with blue paint is concerned. Generally speaking, homeowners attach to them higher functional status for this reason. 

#2: Multiplicity of Design Options 

Blue-stained kitchen cabinets are also distinguishable based on their multiple design options. They come in all kinds of traditional and modern-style designs, from farmhouse to shaker cabinets. In terms of color, you can find them in a myriad of versions of the color blue, from navy blue to dark blue just to mention a few. 

Unlike generic drawer designs that will confine you to one style, blue kitchen cabinets can seamlessly let you select from hundreds of options, which is a good thing if want to find designs that perfectly match your tastes and style. 

#3: Convenience in Access

The fact that the color blue is considered one of the most common colors implies convenience in accessing blue-colored cabinetry designs. Generally speaking, all blue-painted cabinets, both classic and contemporary in terms of styling, can be found on any accessible online shopping site or land-based furniture showroom near you. 

Because their paint is less complex and readily available, blue-stained cabinets are cheaper compared to many colored cabinets, for example, red or pink kitchen cabinets. Hence, arguing that blue cabinets stand out in terms of ease of access is acceptable. 

Are Blue Kitchen Cabinets on Trend? 

 Of course yes! With blue-themed kitchens becoming the favorites of many homeowners in the contemporary world, kitchen cabinets with blue paint are bound to trend, regardless of whether they are classic or modern in terms of appearance. 

But below are the main reasons why blue kitchen cabinets are in fashion; 

  • Colored Cabinets are Trending

In the contemporary interior design industry, striking colors occupy a prominent place compared to neutral paints, for example, the likes of white and cream. Bolder shades, including red, blue, and some versions of the color green are now present in every modern-style kitchen interior design. 

The majority of homeowners love them for their striking appearance and immense practicability values, especially when they appear on kitchen cabinets. 

  • Conformity with Multiple Kitchen Interiors

Blue kitchen cabinets are also trending, thanks to their ability to rhyme with both classic and modern interior design aesthetics. Homeowners who like remodeling their pantries now and then find blue cabinets exceptionally attractive. 

This is mainly because, depending on one’s interior design preferences, anyone can conveniently use blue cabinets to alternate the design of their cookhouses between traditional and modern aesthetics without spending a dime. 

  • Blue Kitchen Cabinets have Impressive Resale Value

Because of their minimal vulnerability to peel-offs and other aspects of tear and wear, blue kitchen cabinets boast incredibly longer lifespans compared to cabinets with neutral paints. In this respect, whenever you buy blue cabinets, they always come attached with impressive resale potential, which is a fact that makes many cost-conscious homeowners choose them. 

  • Blue Cabinets are Easier to Style

Another noteworthy reason why blue cabinets are trending is the fact that they are easier to decorate. Because their blue paint rhymes with several colors, traditional and contemporary shades included, blue cabinets are easy to mix with interior décor items. 

Depending on the outlook you desire inside your cookhouse, you can match blue-stained cabinets with the neutral finish of natural hardwoods like oak, teak, maple, and mahogany, or blend them with the shiny textures of metallic surfaces. 

What are the Latest Types of Blue Kitchen Cabinets? 

  • Shaker-Style Blue Kitchen Cabinets

 If you’d want the interior of your kitchen to portray both traditional and modern visual design aesthetics, the best thing you can do is install in it, shaker-style cabinets adorned with blue paint. 

Whereas the simpler shaker-style design properties of these iconic drawers will make your pantry seem neutral and relaxed, the striking blue tones on their surfaces will make everything stand out luxuriously. 

  • Modern Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

 Navy blue kitchen cabinets continue to stand tall as the most popular variety of blue-stained cupboard designs. But if you ever thought that their conventional varieties are the most statement-making, you should see their latest designs. 

Modern-style navy blue cabinets are defined by pristine decorative and functional features, of which the most distinguished include metallic accessories, glass doors, and specialty drawers. Like many versions of blue cabinets, navy blue cupboards can rhyme with lots of colors and material textures as well as fit in all kinds of kitchen interiors

Tips for Working with Blue Kitchen Cabinets

  • Enhance Color Contrast: You need to pair blue kitchen cabinets with colors for their striking bold outlook to come out exceptionally
  • Incorporate Different Materials: To enhance the mood in an interior while letting the visual outlook stand out, you need to incorporate different material textures when working with blue cabinets in interior design. 
  • Enhance Kitchen Interior Lighting: If you prefer going for dark-stained versions of blue cabinets, you must remember to enhance the lighting in your cookhouse, for example, by installing extra bulbs or in-cabinet lighting fixtures. Unless you do this, your pantry will seem dark and lifeless. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to make your kitchen look blue and most importantly, trendier, simply opt for blue cabinets. With blue kitchen cabinets, you can mix your favorite colors and materials to achieve your ideal kitchen interior design. Besides the fact that they are trending, blue cabinets are ideal for you based on the fact that they are considerably resistant to tear and wear and compatible with almost all interior designs. 


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