Silver Lace Fern Guide: How to Grow and Care for It

The key to growing excellent Pteris is to provide enough moisture as well as light to maintain the plant thriving. True to their exotic nature, they need a steady supply of water, as well as warm temperatures; however, will swiftly reveal indicators of anxiety in extremely completely dry settings.

The leaves of this fern can be somewhat breakable, so avoid placing them in locations where individuals/animals are most likely to fern up against them. Although there are some deciduous selections, amongst the most generally grown are evergreen and ought to not have fallen leaves throughout the winter.

  • Light

Silver lace fern likes intense filtered light, similar to what they would get in their natural exotic setting under the cover of bigger trees. Distilled light is particularly essential in the warmer summer months when the plant is proactively expanding. Stay clear of harsh direct rays, specifically mid-day, which can singe or shed the fallen leaves.

  • Soil

Thankfully, Pteris ferns are not picky regarding their soil mix and can grow well in basic potting dirt. The mixture must be well-draining as well as simple to maintain wet, but it needs to not obtain boggy or waterlogged. Generally, any peat-based mixture will enable the plant to prosper fine.

  • Water

Pteris ferns are not overly demanding when it involves water. While many ferns will practically instantly pass away if delegated dry out, Pteris ferns are a bit extra tolerant of dry dirt. For ideal results, goal to sprinkle your plant at a normal tempo, maintaining the dirt consistently moist. They don’t want to be soaked, either, plants that are allowed to be in saturated or soaked dirt will rapidly catch root rot.

  • Temperature level and Humidity

Keep your Pteris fern in a warm environment in your home. A perfect temperature array is between 65 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as 75 degrees Fahrenheit, though the plant needs to never be permitted to dip listed below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of that, keep the plant far from any type of rough drafts, either chilly or warm, like those from an open radiator or window.

  • Plant food

Feed your Pteris ferns once a month from April to September, making use of a weak fluid plant food diluted to half-strength.


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