10 Easy Steps to Make Your Industrial Workplace More Ergonomically Friendly

As a stakeholder in industrial efficiency, productivity, and safety, you have a vital role in creating an environment that encourages worker well-being. Embracing ergonomics can substantially reduce the risk of work-related injuries and foster productivity, ultimately contributing to the bottom line.

Here are 10 simple steps you can take to make your industrial workplace more ergonomically friendly.

Encourage Active Sitting

One of the first steps is to promote “active sitting”. Invest in ergonomic chairs that promote good posture and have adjustable heights, backrests, and armrests. Encourage employees to adjust their chairs to a comfortable position that alleviates strain on their back and neck.

Invest in Adjustable Workstations

Workstations that can be customised to an individual’s height and comfort level can help reduce musculoskeletal disorders. An adjustable workstation allows employees to alternate between sitting and standing, helping to prevent stiffness and repetitive strain injuries.

Implement Regular Breaks

Regular breaks can reduce the risk of fatigue and repetitive strain injuries. Encourage workers to take five-minute breaks every hour to stretch, move around, or rest their eyes if they’re working on a computer.

Use the Right Tools

Invest in ergonomically designed tools that are easy to hold, light, and require less force to operate. These tools can reduce the physical stress on workers, minimising the risk of work-related injuries.

Monitor and Adjust Lighting

Poor lighting can lead to eye strain and headaches. It’s important to have sufficient, but not excessive, light at workstations and ensure it’s diffused well to avoid glare on screens.

Organise Work Areas

Work areas should be organised to minimise the need for extended reaching, bending, or twisting. Frequently used items should be placed within easy reach.

Implement Employee Training

Training employees about the importance of ergonomics and proper postures can be instrumental in preventing workplace injuries. Include demonstrations on how to correctly lift heavy items and how to organise their workstations ergonomically.

Promote Healthy Habits

Promote regular exercise, healthy eating, and adequate hydration in the workplace. These can contribute to overall well-being, energy levels, and resilience.

Foster Open Communication

Encourage workers to express concerns or suggestions about their work environment. Their insights can be invaluable in identifying and addressing ergonomic issues.

Regularly Assess and Improve

Engage a professional to regularly assess your workplace for ergonomic risks and implement necessary improvements. This can include adjusting commercial door closers to ensure that doors aren’t too heavy to open or close, which can prevent unnecessary strain.

Creating an ergonomically friendly workplace is not a one-off task, but an ongoing effort

The return on investment for this effort can be significant, both in terms of reduced worker injury and improved productivity. Embrace ergonomics and make your industrial workplace a healthier, safer, and more productive environment.


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