4 Reasons to Do Gutter Cleaning

Fall is the time of year when many homeowners start thinking about cleaning and sealing their gutters to keep them in prime shape. Are you not having time to do proper gutter cleaning? If yes,  Zachs roof and gutter cleaning professionals can help you out with all your gutter cleaning needs. 

If you want to keep your home in great shape for many years to come then you must keep your gutters in good condition. A clogged or damaged gutter can cause several problems, such as property damage, water leaks, and flooding. This can lead to financial and reputation damage over time. 

Here are 4 reasons for doing gutter cleaning every fall.

  1. Prevent water damage

Leaves can build up on your roof at this time of year, falling off trees and being blown around by the wind. Therefore, you should clean your gutters regularly to prevent water damage. Keeping the gutters free of debris ensures that any water caught up in them is directed away from the structure and away from your home in advance. 

  1. Protect your roof

A buildup of leaves and other debris in your gutters can start to flatten out the shingles on your roof. This not only looks unsightly, but it can also cause leaks and water damage in the long run. When there’s an extreme amount of build-up or if they haven’t been cleaned out in years, your gutters may even cave into themselves. This can lead to a lot of issues with the structural integrity of your home.

  1. Keep pests at bay

Gutters that aren’t cleaned regularly can also be a haven for pests. This can be a problem if you have pets or children because of the risk of them being bitten by pests, such as mosquitoes and spiders.  Mosquitoes might lay eggs in the water that remains in your gutters. This is why it’s so important to get them clean every year, so you don’t run the risk of your home becoming a breeding ground for these types of insects.

  1. Reduce the risks of cracked foundation

A leaking or eroding foundation is a big problem for homeowners because it devalues their property. Gutters that aren’t kept in shape can also lead to this. A gutter collapse or break can cause water to leak into the attic and under the home. This can lead to a lot of damage. It doesn’t take long for that water to ruin the basement or even make its way into the foundation of your home.


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