5 Benefits of Using Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

Confused about what kind of stove you want for your sauna? Choosing the best stove is essential to get into the moments of serenity. There are primarily three kinds of stoves for you to choose from. Whichever stove you may choose, you will get the peace you’re looking for. Electric, gas, or a wood-burning stove, three of them have the similarity of providing heat but electric and gas stoves tend to produce heat a lot quicker than a wood stove. But, a wood stove has its benefits but takes a bit more work and tending to than others.

Why Even Choose A Stove?

Having a sauna in your house is not only a great addition but with the right stove, you get to have the essential mental peace you’re looking for. These wood burning sauna stoves will not only give you peace but also the required health benefits such as detoxification, increased metabolism, weight loss, anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation. When deciding which stove to go for, a wood stove is the best to go for, and below are the five reasons why.

Off-The-Grid Experience

A continuous ongoing life needs an off-grid experience every once in a while to keep going. While the electrical and gas stoves may provide you with the heat quicker, the wood stove is the best option to release that stress and anxiety building up.


Every single day we inhale numerous amounts of toxins which can cause a lot of damage to the body. They get in the bloodstream and make your kidneys work harder than before to deal with the toxins. With the help of the steam of a wooden stove, you deal with these toxins without causing any harm to your body. Your body gets rid of toxins like mercury, lead, and cadmium better in sweat than in urine or blood.


Having an electric or gas stove requires you to call a separate person to do all the wiring, pipe-fittings, etc because major companies do not do this, resulting in going way over budget. A wood stove however requires only fuel and a ventilation space with it.

Cheap Fuel Source

The electricity bill of the stove only can be the same as the electricity bill of your house, depending upon your usage, same is with the gas stove; electricity and gas are not very pocket friendly. You get a good workout done as well by chopping your wood for the stove. Living in a rural area with plenty of wood is a bonus to having a wooden stove.


These wood burning sauna stoves require cleanup depending on your usage, but you can have them serviced with your chimney to save time and money.

Maintenance can be a tough task at times, but having a sauna with a wood stove is all worth it.


Your sauna. Your stove. Your choice. Pick what suits you the best but we’ll still recommend wood-burning sauna stoves for all the health benefits as well as to get an off-the-grid experience.

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