7 Tips For Landscape Design In Christchurch, NZ

Landscape Design In Christchurch, NZ

Landscaping can help define your property’s aesthetic and bring attention to features you want to see. A well-designed landscape will help you create a strong first impression on anyone who walks onto your property. This blog post will give tips and tricks to create the perfect landscape design in Christchurch NZ.

It always pays to work with a professional:

Trying and saving money by doing the work yourself can be tempting when looking for landscaping. However, while it might seem attractive at first glance, it is important to remember that landscaping is a complicated art form that requires years of study to master. By hiring a professional landscape creator, you can create a great outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional. In addition, a professional can help you choose the right plants for your climate and soil type and determine which features will work best for your budget.

Plan ahead:

Planning is the key to success. Before you start your landscaping project, outline your ideas clearly and concisely. It is where you will get a feel for how much work it will involve and what the result might look like. It can also help avoid potential problems later.

Keep it simple:

When designing your landscape, keep it simple. You do not want to overdo it by adding too many plants or accessories. If you are unsure about what plants or materials to use for a particular area, ask for advice from a professional landscaper with experience.

Limit your colour palette:

Limit your palette and stick to several key colours that work well together. For example, you could use the same shade of green for all plants in your garden. Alternatively, you could use complementary colours such as blue and orange. Neutral colours will go with any home style and don’t require much maintenance. 

Use geometry and repetition:

In designing your landscape, repetition is a great tool to use. Repetition helps to unify the overall design and create order from chaos. You can also use it in smaller ways, such as using the same plants in different garden areas. Geometry is another important visual art form that uses shapes and lines to create balance in a garden design. Geometry can help you create order out of chaos by creating patterns or repeating elements throughout your yard. Examples of geometry that you can use our circles (circles are considered sacred in many cultures), squares (like checkerboards), triangles (such as pyramids), spirals (like snail shells) and hexagons (like honeycombs).

Include focal points in your design:

Focal points are the elements you want to stand out from your garden, making a strong statement and drawing attention. Focal points should place in the garden where they will be seen from the house.

A focal point can be anything that stands out—a statue, an interesting tree or shrub, a bird bath, anything that makes you smile when you see it! The most important thing is to ensure that these focal points are different enough so they don’t compete but work together as part of a whole design.

Focus on lighting and other details in the design:

Lighting and other details are important in landscape design. Your outdoor space can be a great way to highlight certain features, create drama, and give your home a sense of personality. For instance, adding lighting to the garden will make it look more special at night. You can also use lighting to draw attention to certain areas of your garden, like unusual trees or plants that are not normally seen during daylight hours.

Make use of outdoor furniture or ornamental pieces:

You can also use outdoor furniture or ornamental pieces to add interest to your garden. For example, you could place a bench near your home’s entrance so guests can sit down after they enter. You could also add an ornamental fountain or birdbath for visual appeal.


In the end, the best way to create a landscape design in Christchurch NZ, that will maximise the visual appeal of your property is by working with an experienced professional. It will ensure that your design is functional, attractive and long-lasting. Choosing the right plants and materials for your garden allows you to create a space that provides beauty and functionality.

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