Commercial Floor Cleaning; 4 Best Practices

Mopping the house floor is important but keeping the commercial floor cleaner is even more crucial. It is because poor hygiene and un-cleaned commercial floors do not just bring a bad reputation to the company but prevent slips, falls, and injuries.

Fortunately, the commercial floors are much more durable, resilient, and easier to clean as compared to the regular floors. However, if the floors are not cleaned properly, the poorly maintained floor would bring a bad reputation to the company.Now you can hire commercial cleaning san antonio.

If you are planning to keep the commercial floor clean, here are the four best practices that can be used to clean and maintain the commercial flooring.

  • Cleaning the tile grout
  • Spot cleaning
  • Floor mopping
  • Vacuum cleaning the carpets

Cleaning the tile grout


The tile grout is the joint between the tiles. The grout or the joint is usually a mixture of cement, lime, and colour pigments. Grout is the part of the commercial floor that gets dirty the most and is believed to be the hardest one to clean. However, cleaning the grout is super important, if this part of the floor is neglected the floor would never look clean.

There are a hundred ways of cleaning the tile grout to perfection. If the grout is exceptionally dirty, experts use a grout scrubber to scrub off the dirt. When the dirt is removed, a mixture of warm water and vinegar or baking soda and vinegar is applied. The mixture is left for a few minutes and then wiped off.

Bleaches and harsh chemical solutions, undoubtedly, get us done with the job readily. However, they are avoided as the said solutions happen to damage the grout in the long run.

Spot cleaning


The commercial spaces get stained all the time. When the grout is cleaned, the professionals usually shift their focus to stains or spots. Both DIY and ready-made solutions are used to wipe off the spots and make the floor ready to mop. If the stains are the toughest, we go for the ready-made cleaning solutions. However, if the stains are easier to clean the DIY solutions come to the rescue.

Floor mopping


When the grout begins appearing clean, the experts prefer to wipe the tiles clean. That’s the easiest part of a commercial flooring cleaning job. A yarn or string mop is usually used to mop the floor. We have even seen professionals using sponge mops as well. Yarn/string and sponge mops are all good for the job. The trick is to use clean mops every time to wipe the dirt off.


Vacuum cleaning the carpets


The commercial spaces have carpets as well. Frankly, these carpets get dirty more quickly than house carpets. Since it is not possible to thoroughly clean the commercial space every other day. Therefore, the carpets are vacuum cleaned almost every other day. It prevents dirt and debris build-up and ensures longevity. Vacuum cleaning is usually not enough, the carpets in the commercial spaces are often washed at least once a year as well.


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