Comparison Between Grid Connected And Off Grid Solar NZ

With the increasing climatic change, we are all being encouraged to use energy sources that are harmless to our environment. Solar energy is green energy and perfect for homes and commercial establishments. If you plan to install a solar power system in your home or commercial property, there are two major categories that you can choose from. These are connected grid and off grid solar NZ.

Connected grid systems are solar power systems wired into the main power grid. They offer a wide range of benefits but also have several downfalls. On the other hand, off grid power systems are suitable for people who are looking to gain full independence from the main power grid.

Connected Grid Vs Off Grid Solar Power

You can opt for off grid solar systems for various reasons such as living in a remote location. A grid connection can be very expensive in remote locations. For that reason, many people choose off grid solar power solutions because they may not afford this high cost. Other households or individuals may choose to go with this option to be fully independent of the main power grid.

Off grid solar connections can also reduce the carbon footprint drastically. For individuals with the mind to reduce global warming by going green, the off grid option makes perfect sense.

The Initial Start-up Cost

The initial start-up cost for off grid solar power systems can be quite high. That’s because you have to buy several accessories such as solar panels and high-capacity, deep-cycle batteries. The batteries and solar panels are a must. These batteries will be used to store excess power during the day which can be used when solar energy isn’t available later in the night.

Complete Dependence

Another downfall about off grid solar power systems is the complete reliance on the system. With a connection grid system, you can tap into the grid’s power supply if you need more power than your system generated during the day. On the other hand, if you use more power than what your system generated throughout the day, you don’t have the option of taping into any other source. That means that you’re left out of energy or even in a blackout.

For that reason, you may want to think more when investing in an off grid system. You can speak to an electrician and find a system that best suits your needs. With such a system, you won’t have to suffer during times of low energy production such as cloudy weather.

Well-Planned Solar Power System

You should note that both of these types of solar energy systems can cut down your energy bills significantly. If what you want is to find a way to make your home or property more energy-efficient, one of them can be a perfect fit for you.

Generally, the Connected grid solar system appears to be more advantageous than an off grid system. However, a well-thought-out Off Grid solar power system can be an outstanding investment, especially in rural areas. Commercial properties and remote residential homes can save a lot of money on energy and benefit the environment as well. As mentioned, you should speak to a professional electrician to find out which option is right for your needs.


Installing a solar energy system in your home or commercial property can be a great way to cut down on electricity bills. If you have decided to invest in solar energy, there are two options to consider. These are Connected Grid systems and Off Grid Solar energy systems. Both have benefits and drawbacks. Since you may not be able to make an informed decision on your own, we recommend consulting a professional specializing in Connected and Off Grid Solar NZ to help you with that.

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