How to child-proof your home with door handles

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your child safe. One way to do this is to child-proof your home. This means making sure that there are no harmful objects or substances within reach of your child. One way to child-proof your home is to put harmful objects and substances out of reach. This means keeping them in cabinets or on high shelves where your child cannot reach them. You should also use child-proof locks on cabinets and doors to keep your child from getting into them. Another way to child-proof your home is to make sure that there are no small objects or sharp edges that your child could choke on or cut themselves on. You should also keep cords and electrical outlets out of reach.

Door handles and why are they a hazard:

Door handles are one of the many hazards that can be found in a home. They are often made of metal, which can be sharp and harmful if your child falls on them. Additionally, door handles can also be a choking hazard if your child tries to put them in their mouth.

There are a few things you can do to childproof your door handles:

  • Install door knob covers. These covers will make it difficult for your child to turn the knob and open the door.
  • Install a door stop. This will prevent the door from being opened all the way, and will provide a cushion if your child does fall against the door.
  • Remove any loose door handles. If a handle is loose, it could come off in your child’s hand and become a choking hazard.
  • Keep doors locked. This will prevent your child from being able to open the door and wander off.

Child-proof your home with door handles:

There are a few different ways that you can child-proof your home with door handles. One way is to install door handles covers. These covers can help to soften the blow if your child falls on them. Another way is to remove the door handles altogether. This may not be practical for all homes, but it is an option to consider. In addition to door handles, there are many other hazards that you should look for in your home. These include electrical outlets, sharp corners, and small objects that your child could choke on.

Child safe from hazards:

There are a few different ways that you can keep your child safe from hazards. One way is to child-proof your home. Another way is to keep an eye on your child at all times. This means never leaving them alone in a room and always being aware of what they are doing.


Child-proofing your home is an important way to keep your child safe. Door handles can be a hazard to your child, but there are a few different ways that you can child-proof your home with them. By child-proofing your home and keeping an eye on your child, you can help to prevent accidents and injuries.


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