How To Make Over Your Kitchen Cabinets And Sideboards On A Budget

If you’re tired of your kitchen cabinets, it’s time to give them a makeover. You can make over your cabinets and sideboards (if you have them) on a budget with this simple guide.

Take everything out of your cabinets and sideboards, including the hardware and shelves.

  • Take everything out of your cabinets and sideboards, including the hardware and shelves.
  • Remove all drawers, doors, and other pieces of furniture from the room.
  • Don’t forget to remove the screws that hold these items together so they can be reused later (or thrown away).

Sand all the surfaces.

Sanding is the first step in removing old paint. You can use a sanding sponge or sandpaper, but make sure to get all surfaces, including the inside of the Cabinet Refacing Oceanside and back of your sideboard (if applicable). It’s also important not to forget about edges! Don’t use a power sander; it will wear out quickly and cause too much vibration if used incorrectly.

Clean the entire surface with an all-purpose cleaner.

The first step to cleaning your kitchen cabinets is to use an all-purpose cleaner on the entire surface. You’ll want to be careful not to use too much force when applying the cleaner, as this can cause damage if you’re not gentle with it.

A good way to clean your cabinets is by using a damp rag and gently wiping away dust or other dirt that has accumulated over time. After you’ve done this, dry off any moisture from the surface by using a dry cloth or paper towel (this helps prevent mold from growing). If there are stains left behind after cleaning, try using rubbing alcohol instead of soap–it’s safer for most surfaces and won’t leave behind any residue after it dries!

Apply a primer if needed.

  • If you have previously painted on top of another color, or if you have a lot of crevices that need to be filled, apply a primer. Primer helps to seal the wood and prevent it from absorbing the paint.

Paint with your new color(s).

Now that you’ve primed and painted your cabinets, it’s time to fill them with color. Paint can be purchased in any number of shades and styles, but if you want your kitchen to look professional without spending a fortune on custom paint jobs (or hiring someone else), consider using high-quality paints that come in an array of colors.

When painting large areas like Cabinet Refacing Brea doors or sideboards, use rollers designed specifically for this purpose. These will make it easier for you to cover large surfaces quickly and evenly–and they’ll also help prevent any drips from ruining the finish. If there are any detailed areas where you need better control over where the paint goes–such as around knobs or handles–use brushes instead of rollers; however, if time is not an issue and getting everything just right matters more than speed then go ahead and use whatever tools feel best suited toward your needs! Once everything has dried thoroughly overnight (or longer depending on climate conditions), sand down any rough patches left behind by either scraping away excess material with a razor blade before applying primer/sealer first time around since these spots tend  be less smooth than others which means less chance of getting good coverage when applying new coats later down road due lack thereof

Reattach hardware and shelves.

Once the new paint is dry, reattach the hardware and shelves. Make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for painting them, if there are any. If you’re using an oil-based paint on your cabinets and sideboards, it’s important that you wait until the oil has cured before putting anything back into place–this can take up to three days depending on the temperature in your home and how thickly applied your finish was. If there are special instructions for painting these surfaces (like sanding), be sure to follow those instead of just slapping something over top of raw wood; otherwise, chances are good that whatever surface comes next will look sloppy or damaged as soon as someone touches it!


With a little bit of work, you can make your kitchen cabinets look like new. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on supplies! By following these steps, you’ll be able to save money while still transforming your kitchen into something that looks amazing.

For more information about this topic, check out this article by Mr. Cabinet Care.


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