More Australians Are Moving…Outdoors

More Australians Are Moving...Outdoors

Outdoor living has always been huge in Australia. But right now, it’s more popular than ever. We’re living in the era of the opening roof, the outdoor room, and the external kitchen, as more and more Australians come out of their homes and live their lives outdoors.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we live our lives these days. Lockdowns have kept us at home, and being able to leave the indoors of your four walls and out into the fresh air is important for your state of mind. The relative freedoms of the backyard or back deck area are very appealing when it comes to plotting an “escape”.

COVID-related impacts coincide with a marked trend in Australian outdoor living. There has been a movement towards replicating indoor comforts while enjoying the fresh air, space and natural beauty of the backyard. Outdoor rooms are part of this trend, and represent a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors – yes, we’re talking about that much-desired indoor/outdoor flow. They can be furnished, and made more comfortable, with chairs, sofas, soft furnishings and dining settings that you’d normally see inside the home. Outdoor kitchens are very popular too  – not just a barbecue, but an outdoor oven and cooktop, refrigeration, running water; everything you’d expect to see in an internal kitchen.

This renewed embrace of outdoor living is reflected in recent statistics. An Australia-wide survey has given us great insights into our outdoor living habits. More than 75% of those surveyed said they now use their primary outdoor living space nearly every day. Even more of them – some 92% – said it’s important that their home has “an attractive and inviting outdoor living area.”

What is interesting is the use of the word “living”. For Australians outdoor “living” encompasses entertaining, dining and relaxing in their outdoor area which explains why outdoor rooms are now increasingly common features in Australian homes. Outdoo rooms allow for all sorts of activities to be carried out in an outdoor setting, and for a greater number of hours each and every day. No longer does the weather and the time of day dictate when it is time to move inside. An outdoor room with a retractable roof and adjustable side-wall features like sliding doors or external shutters, as well as good lighting and heating, makes it possible to set your own agenda.

53% of the survey’s respondents said they plan to buy new furniture for their outdoor space, with 40% looking to add lighting. Create your outdoor room and bring the best of the indoors with you. It’s all part of the trend of moving outdoors, and staying there!


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