Six ADU Decorating Ideas to Help You Increase the Value of Your Home

A self-contained dwelling unit of a single household that is either attached to or separate from the main building on a property is referred to as an ADU. When designed correctly and built, ADUs may give homeowners additional income, greater living space for family members or visitors, and boost property value.

If you reside in California and are thinking about creating an ADU, consider the six design principles listed below to help increase the value of your property. In the end, you will have additional project ideas to explore and consider before approaching your building crew for assistance. Consider Acton ADU to be of aid for your best interests. Unlike many other construction companies, they specialize in ADUs and have their own interior design team!

1. Utilize Eco-Friendly Design Elements

Use a variety of sustainable design components to make your ADU in Campbell, CA, more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Solar panels, passive heating and cooling features, drought-resistant landscaping, and rainwater collecting systems are all examples of sustainable design aspects used in the construction of an ADU. These eco-friendly design components will not only help you reduce your environmental impact but also save you money on energy costs and make your ADU more desirable to tenants and buyers looking for a green home.

2. Create a Valuable Configuration

To make the most of the available space, your supplementary living unit’s floor layout should be functional and well-planned. Consider adding a living area as well as an office to your house, in addition to the typical comforts of a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Porches, decks, and patios are frequently used as extra living space in ADUs, so if you have the capacity, consider building one.

3. Use High-Quality Materials

It is critical to use high-quality materials while building an ADU. This is particularly true for components like doors and windows, which must withstand various weather conditions at some point. Make your ADU out of high-quality materials. It will be more durable, resistant to environmental dangers, and more visually appealing to prospective renters or purchasers.

4. Pay Close Attention to Details

Little details distinguish an ADU from its rivals. Give attention to the details that will set your ADU out from the crowd. From cabinet hardware to ceiling light fittings, everything is included. Lighting and fixtures are minor issues, but they have a significant influence on how a space feels overall. You can ensure that your ADU is both valuable and appealing by choosing high-quality materials and paying attention to details. Two elements will undoubtedly increase the value of your ADU.

Suppose you need to figure out where to start when it comes to decorating your house. Go through several home décor publications or websites for inspiration. Work with a skilled interior designer to help you realize your idea.

5. Incorporate Cutting-Edge Technology Into Your Residence

A smart house is a type of technology that may be implemented in a home to improve its efficiency and convenience for its residents. Fortunately, numerous smart home devices may be used in an ADU. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are now the two most popular new home technologies on the market.

WiFi-enabled thermostats, light bulbs, and video surveillance with remote viewing capabilities are examples of superior intelligent home technology. A few low-cost smart home gadgets are all that is needed to make your ADU more appealing to prospective renters or buyers looking for a technologically advanced home.

6. Ensure That It Is Accessible to All Users

Consider renting out your ADU or inviting an older relative to live there. In this case, you must guarantee that all of the local building code’s access restrictions are met. Making ensuring wheelchairs can access doorways and corridors, adding grab bars in toilets, and fitting lever-style handles on doors and cabinets are all part of this. By keeping your ADU accessible, you will not only keep your loved ones safe, but you will also avoid any future legal difficulties. Prospective tenants or buyers concerned about their mobility will also find it appealing.

Acton ADU Can Help Your Dreams Come True

Adding an accessory dwelling unit onto your property is an excellent method to increase your property’s value while generating additional income, increasing the amount of accessible living space, or both. While constructing and building an ADU, there are a few important factors to consider. By including environmentally responsible design elements, developing an operating strategy, utilizing high-quality materials, paying attention to details, applying contemporary home technology, and making the ADU accessible, you may build an ADU that is valuable and beautiful. Your dreams might become a reality with the assistance of Acton ADU’s expert team of ADU builders in California.

Acton ADU is California’s most profitable ADU constructor. We specialize in creating unique, trendy, and long-lasting ADUs. Our educated staff works with our customers to help them realize their ADU ambitions. While developing ADUs, we make every effort to keep our personnel up to date on the latest code requirements and to use the most modern building methods and materials.

Additionally, we provide a range of customization options to assist you in making your ADU as distinctive as possible. Acton ADU can provide an ADU that not only meets but also exceeds your requirements. Click here to learn more about how we can assist you with constructing an ADU to increase the value of your house.

ADU Financing in California

Acton ADU has dependable crew members that can help you obtain the required finances to get started. Throughout the construction period, you can make interest-only payments and choose from a variety of supplemental payment options according to your circumstances. We may provide fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans, and closing costs may be included in the loan amount.

Furthermore, rather than the current market value, “after-improved” values will be used to determine the worth of your house. This makes it straightforward to gain an accurate picture of your home’s value and plan appropriately. Contact us right now to learn more about our financing options and to begin building your own backyard house.

By trusting Acton ADU to help you throughout your building process, you can expect a beautiful and well throughout final living space. You and your loved ones will continue to use it for years to come. Let the above decorating options help you let your creative juices flow!


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