What To Do In The Event Of Water Damage?

It doesn’t matter whether the water gushes out of the wall uncontrollably, drips from the ceiling, or flows through it damp walls show – you should act immediately in the event of water damage by inviting water mitigation services for instance.

It’s even your Duty as a tenant or owner to do everything possible to minimize the damage and prevent further spread. Therefore, as soon as you notice water damage, be sure to follow these steps:

Turning Off The Water

Therefore, the most important and the first step in water damage is to stop the water from flowing in quickly. Therefore, turn off the corresponding stopcock immediately. If this is defective or if it is not clear where the water is coming from, turn off the main water tap.

 Switching Off The Electricity

Water can quickly become a life-threatening hazard in conjunction with electricity. Therefore, never enter a flooded room! Before doing this, it is essential that you cut off the power supply by unscrewing the relevant fuse or flipping the switch. Only then can you enter the room.

 Remove water

To contain further damage, it is then essential to remove the leaked water as best as possible. Pick it up – depending on the amount – with a cloth or a wet vacuum cleaner. If the damage is so immense that you are standing ankle-high in the water, for example, the fire brigade is the right contact. The specialists have the equipment to pump out larger amounts of water and thus contain further damage.

 Securing Household Items

You should then bring household items that are easy to move to safety or protect them from further damage by carrying them out of the soaked area.

Larger objects with no room elsewhere should be temporarily elevated so that contact with the wet floor is broken. Objects made of plastic can serve as a temporary base here.

Have Emergency Repairs Carried Out

In some instances, it is necessary to have the cause of the water damage eliminated immediately with an emergency repair. This is the case, for example, if you had to turn off the main tap and would no longer have any water without repairs.

Commission, a specialist company with this task, first fixes the worst and rules out further damage.

You should wait until you have contacted your insurer before doing any further repairs.

 Documenting The Damage

So that the damage caused by the water damage can be traced to the insurance company, you should document all damage thoroughly. Make a list of all affected household items and take photos of the damaged objects. The more conscientious you are with the documentation, the better you can prove the losses later. Also, take photos of the damage to the masonry, floor, wall, or other building parts.

If possible, do not throw anything away yet, but wait for the reaction of the insurer. Only when they have assessed all damage should you begin with the disposal.

 Report Damage

If worse damage has been averted, the cause (even if only provisionally) rectified and the damage documented, you must inform the landlord or property management and, of course, your insurance company about the water damage. Depending on the cause of the damage and what was affected by the water damage, a different insurance company is responsible.


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