What You Should Do Before Relocation Day Is Organise

No matter how you want to relocate, you must undertake at least a portion of the packing if you are not employing professional packers. Packing efficiently is of similar significance. This will lessen the likelihood of injury or damage occurring during the relocation. If you want to save time and avoid damaging your belongings, follow these expert packing suggestions before your move.

  1. Pack your clothing in a suitcase by folding or vacuum sealing it.
  • Relocation companies will transport nearly anything (as long as it isn’t unlawful or dangerous). Fortunately, that also applies to your bags and suitcases!
  • Pack your clean clothing in your suitcase and stop stressing about what to do with your closet contents the night before you move.
  • You can fit more garments in your baggage if you have a vacuum-sealer bag system.
  • If you have any baggage tags or other attachments, remove them before moving day.
  1. While packing dishes for a move, use towels to create the ideal wrapping.
  • Bowls and plates should not be moved by simply piling them in a box, despite what some YouTubers may have you believe.
  • The paper thickness of most newspapers is inadequate to prevent dishes from rattling and shattering.
  1. Label New Rooms with Colors and Boxes
  • Colour-coding your boxes using a permanent marker, coloured tape, or even your kid’s school paint will help you get moved in record time. Boxes with corresponding colour markings help movers quickly locate their intended storage locations.
  • Mark the rooms with the corresponding box numbers using a sticky note or wall-safe adhesive.
  1. The Proper Way to Wrap Your Plants for the Move
  • Legally, movers cannot transport any plants in containers.
  • Purchase a high-quality floor tarp for the trunk of your car if you need to transport a potted plant.
  1. Pack and disassemble your lights. 
  • A set of early lamps might not seem like a huge problem, but if your movers are getting paid by the hour, every minute they spend taking them apart will add up quickly.
  • To save time on a moving day, disassemble and wrap any tiny or delicate goods, such as lamps, well before your movers’ arrival.
  1. Get the Baby and Pet Gear Ready
  • Foldable baby gear is the easiest to transport, and if you disassemble your child’s furnishings before the transfer, it will take up less space on the moving truck.
  • You may save time on moving days by cleaning and disassembling or folding kennels, doghouses, scratching posts, pet beds, and litterboxes.
  1. Make Room for the Movers to Work
  • Moving employees must have easy access to both the exits and the heavier things, as they will be loaded into the trucks first. Packing boxes should be moved to the side or up against walls to allow movers to walk and lift heavy items.
  • Hurry up, since time is running out! It will take longer and cost more if the movers have to clear a path through your home for the larger pieces of furniture.


Packing Don’ts: If you make a mistake, it might end up costing you both (Or Both)

Damages that might have been avoided with proper planning, materials, and procedures often result from sloppy packing.

  1. Leaving Open Boxes All Over the Place
  • The moving process will be slowed down regardless if the boxes are sealed or open.
  • Any items that can’t be packed in standard moving boxes should be disassembled if possible. Ask your movers for assistance if you need to disassemble or wrap anything.
  1. Storage of Clothing in Drawers
  • While this is a bad idea, many individuals frequently engage in it.
  • You might think it’s easier than sorting through your closet and refolding everything after the move, but that’s only if nothing gets broken.
  1. Losing or forgetting to secure jewellery or other delicate items

The movers do not handle items that the customer can safely transport themselves, like jewellery. Jewellery can easily be lost, tangled, or broken during a move; thus, it should not be packed in the rear of a vehicle alongside bulkier belongings. Therefore, it is suggested that you transport jewellery independently and with as much care as possible.

  1. Making use of low-quality boxes and other packing supplies
  • Even though all movers intend to minimize costs, skimping on packing supplies is a bad idea.
  1. Poor quality boxes are a hassle for movers and packers to handle, slow the moving process, and may even cause some damage.
  • When packing on your own, it’s important to have plenty of correct boxes. While grocery store cartons are adequate for transporting perishable foodstuffs, they cannot transport heavy objects.
  • If your movers need to use weak boxes or boxes without suitable lids, that adds time to your moving process.
  1. Packing using Bags rather than Boxes
  • Moving your belongings in bags instead of boxes is a bad idea.
  • The only object that should be placed in a bag and not a box is a cushion.

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If you take the time to pack up your belongings before your relocation, you may save yourself a lot of stress and effort. The movers will love you, and that’s before you even consider how much time and effort you’ll save yourself by being so organized. If you follow these guidelines for packing in advance of a move (the proper way), you’ll have the simplest time of your life.


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