10 Tell-Tale Signs that You May Be a Hoarder

Hoarding has been around for as long as humans have had a need to collect and store things, but it’s only recently that we’ve started to recognise it as a real problem. You’re likely aware of the rising cost of living and the difficulty of making ends meet – it can be tempting to try and save money by holding onto things that you don’t really need. Here are some tell-tale signs that you may have taken your saving strategies too far – and remember, if it’s time for a clear out, you can arrange affordable skip bin hire in Melbourne.

Your Closet is Overstuffed

If your closet is so full that you can barely close the door, then chances are you’re holding onto clothes that no longer fit or styles that are out of fashion. This means it’s time to do some purging! Donate any clothes in good condition and recycle any items beyond repair.


Your Kitchen is Full of Outdated Groceries

Expiration dates exist for a reason! If your pantry is filled with outdated canned goods and boxes of cereal that haven’t been touched in years, it’s time to take stock and get rid of anything that isn’t fresh or edible. 

You Keep Broken Electronics

Do you have an old laptop gathering dust on your shelf? How about an old cell phone collecting cobwebs in the back corner? You may think these items still have value, but if they’re broken, they’re taking up valuable space for no reason at all! Time to toss them out or donate them to someone who will find them useful again.

You Collect Freebies

Everyone loves getting something for free, but if those “freebies” pile up until they become clutter around your home, then it may be time to rethink how you acquire things. Before accepting another freebie at the next company event or trade show, ask yourself if this item will actually be used or just add to the clutter in your house.

Your Bookshelves are Stuffed

We all love books, but if your bookshelves are overflowing with older titles you never read (or never plan on reading), then it might be time for an overdue trip down memory lane – say goodbye to those books before they start collecting dust!

You Store Things Under the Bed

If there’s no room left under your bed after adding all those items from above (and more!), then it’s definitely time for a spring-cleaning session – get rid of anything unnecessary before moving on!

Your Garage is Full

Garages are great for storing tools and equipment needed for DIY projects, but when they become cluttered with items like old sports gear and toys from decades ago, then something needs to change!

You Have Too Many Sentimental Items

We all have sentimental items we want to keep forever, but when those items start piling up until there’s no room left in our homes for anything else, then it might be time to make some tough decisions about what needs to stay and what needs to go.

You Never Let Go of Anything

This might seem like an obvious one but if you find yourself unable to part with even the most useless objects because “they might come in handy one day”, then maybe it’s time for a reality check – let go of anything not necessary right now so that more important things can take priority.

You Keep Every Gift Ever Received

Gifts should always be cherished and appreciated, but not necessarily kept forever! If your home is full of gifts from past birthdays and holidays (or even just random tokens of affection), then maybe it’s time to look into donating some gently used items instead of keeping them around indefinitely.

Are you a hoarder?

Hoarding can quickly spiral into an unhealthy obsession with saving money by keeping everything we see – no matter how useless or outdated – which can create clutter in our homes and make everyday life difficult. However, there’s no need to fear being labelled as a hoarder – simply recognising these signs early on is enough to prevent hoarding from becoming an ongoing issue in your life.

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