5 Common Boiler Repairs

Boilers come in handy in every home today. They not only generate hot water for domestic use but also makes the whole process of staying warm and comfortable quite easy. However, sometimes there are problems with your boiler, or it may even stop working all of a sudden. When such happens, you may try to fix the issue by yourself, but in most cases, it is best to call a plumber to do it for you. That said, let us now look at five common boiler repairs;

  • Leaking pipes

One of the most common reasons for your boiler to stop working is a leak in the pipes. There are various reasons why such happens, and therefore you must take steps immediately after any sign of water leakage, even when it is slight. You can prevent major damages by simply checking on the suspected area at regular intervals. Doing so will also help you figure out where the issue lies and how it should be fixed.

  • Thermostat failure

The thermostat of a boiler is one sensor that detects temperature changes. It usually fails due to lack of maintenance, which means dust gets accumulated on its surface and prevents it from working properly. This may lead to overheating or low heating, both of which end up damaging your unit more or cause leaks in your plumbing. If you face the same issue, call a professional who can repair or change your thermostat to avoid further damages.

  • Pressure problems

If your boiler pressure is below 1, you may experience problems like low heating or even breaking of household appliances. It is usually due to issues with the pressure gauge, which might not be working properly anymore. If you find that your boiler’s pressure is less than 1, it calls for immediate repair by a professional plumber who can also check on the root cause and ensure proper maintenance in the future.

  • Mortar failure

Over time, crumbled mortar or limescale deposits between joints may lead to a reduced flow of water within your unit. This again leads to the accumulation of dirt and dust over various parts, including the flue liner. What’s worse is that such areas are hard to reach but will accumulate dirt over time, eventually damaging every part of your boiler system, leading to malfunctioning or even leaks in your plumbing. The best way to prevent this is by regularly cleaning the boiler system and assessing the joints for any signs of dirt or lack of flow.

  • Strange noises

Every time you switch on your boiler, it makes certain strange sounds that are normal. This is only because hot water rushes through all parts at high pressure, which forms bubbles at various points, thus producing noise. However, if you notice that the sound has increased suddenly, then it may be due to the accumulation of dirt or lime deposits that were not removed during previous cleanings or repairs done around your unit. 


At times, boiler repair may end up being an expensive deal. If you have tried repairing it several times and it is not working, then the best solution is to replace it with a new one.



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