5 Ultra Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas

A backyard can inspire lots of exterior solutions, like creating a garden or building a patio. When you have children, you can go a step further and reinvent the space with these ultra kid-friendly backyard ideas. The best thing about them you can add them to exciting landscaping plans and create a comfortable place for the whole family.

1. Install a set of swings

Swings are an integral part of every growing up. You can buy pre-made ones in the stores and assemble them at home, usually made from plastic. Alternatively, if you know your way around wood, you can build a set of swings from scratch.

Of course, you can go for the simplest and cheapest swing construction of all — hanging a vehicle tire from a tree. If you don’t have a tree, you can build a frame from lumber or metal rods that can withstand more than your weight. It’s best to have two swings instead of one so your kids can use them together or with friends, leaving little room for arguing about who should use them next.

2. Organize an art station

Kids love to draw, make things, and generally be creative. This can create quite a mess, especially if they end up creating their art inside the house. Dedicating a special place in the backyard where they can be as messy as they like is a great way of supporting their talents.

You can go with something basic — for example, a table with benches and their artistic tools neatly stored in boxes underneath and cups above. On the other hand, you can mount a blackboard on the fence so they can draw and write with chalk, as well as place a couple of easels with canvases beside it.

3. Opt for a sandbox

Sand is one of the favorite playgrounds for kids! You can’t go wrong with any idea when it comes to this, but if you want to amaze your children, go for a sandbox. What makes it special is the sunroof that will protect kids from UV rays and heatstroke.

If your budget is tight, you can turn on your DIY powers and build a sandbox from scratch. Mark the spot, dig a shallow hole in that shape and place landscape fabric over it. Then, empty a dozen or more bags on the fabric, filling in the whole completely. Use stones to create the edges, and put buckets, scoops, shovels, funnels, construction vehicles, and molds for kids to play with.

4. Build a treehouse

A treehouse is a symbol of childhood for many of us, especially those who grew up in houses with yards and trees. A such building can be more than a playhouse if you install solar yard lights, windows, and doors. Kids can invite their friends and have sleepovers inside if you add air mattresses, cozy cushions, and blankets.

You can spend a day or night there as a family, turning it into your getaway spot whenever you can’t afford to or find time to travel elsewhere. Some treehouse owners paint it in natural and woody colors, but you can make it purple, yellow, and even neon green if that will make your kids happy.

5. Create a backyard campsite

A campsite in your backyard where your kids can gather around the fire, tell stories, sing, and sleep in the tents will thrill them and their friends. Furthermore, this is a beautiful way to spend an evening with a family and bond with your kids. Start by choosing the right spot for your campsite just like you would in nature.

If you have a fire pit in the backyard, this could be an ideal place to set up a tent since. Here you can safely start a fire and roast marshmallows. A nice touch is placing a telescope nearby to watch the stars or creating an outdoor cinema with a façade or framed canvas for the screen.


There are more ultra kid-friendly backyard ideas out there that will make your family happy. When deciding what to do, start by taking a good look at your outdoor area. Choose an area where you can keep an eye on the kids and give them enough room to have fun. Better yet, invite kids to help you with planning and building for extra family time.


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