How to use Chiminea Fire Pit

By now we all are well aware of the structure and use of chiminea. But if you haven’t it’s okay, we are here to talk about it. Gardeco chiminea are often seen in the garden or patio space of many folks who use chiminea for heating and cooking purposes. Chiminea are vertical and have a dense body structure. These are present in the outer spaces of people’s gardens. They offer a pretty unique and beautiful appearance to the garden space of yours. You will find many different types of chimineas in the market. All vary and depend on different shapes and sizes and material as well. 

How to use chiminea fire pit?

The first ever chiminea was launched in Spain around two or three decades ago. They burn pure wood inside them and can potentially retain heat for almost 12 hours straight. These are present in the garden areas or chimineas are best for outdoor events. They have a vertical outlook and are made with clay, steel, or aluminium. The process of using and installing chimineas is very easy and you can do it easily. But if not, you can read our article or check garden and patio

  • Installation of chiminea 

The best advice given by the old-fashioned people who have used chiminea is to place these in a permanent location or place. Place your chimney in your garden and opt for a permanent place for it. Next, place these on a flat base such as a patio. Chiminea are heavy and bulbous. You don’t want to grab it and shift it to different places. It can easily fall over the ground and crack up. Chimineas take about one or two hours to heat up. don’t place any object in front of it which will heat up or melt.

  • Preparing your chiminea 

Preparation is important before you decide on how to light it up. Make sure you clean up the inside of the chimney before you light it. Remove all types of debris from inside of it. Next add 4 inches of sand or gravel into the chimney as this way it will prevent the fire from coming out or blowing over your face. Remove the lid before you fire it up as this will prevent the air from coming in and will make it difficult to light up harder. Also place the grit and fire the wood.

  • Lightening your chimney 

Once you have cleaned the inside of it add a few small newspapers at different places and light these to create a small fire around. This can be done by igniting. If you wish to opt for something more strong use flammable material which has resin and this lights or burn up at a quicker way. Avoid the use of charcoal or flammable oil because it will destroy your chimney. Initially start with small fires and later turn over to a larger fire. Always start with smaller ones. This way any type of hassle will be prevented.

  • Keep your chiminea warm 

As stated above, it will take two hours to create a much cosy and a warming environment around the space. Start with small fires and turn over to large ones later. Once started it will provide you warmth for 12 hours. Let it burn the ashes till the end. Once the wood is properly burned down the fire will stop itself. You don’t have to add water or anything. Once done, clean the debris for next time use.

If you are interested in creating a huge fire, poke the wood with a stick.

There are many different types of material used for a chimney. The traditional one is clay, and this has a heavy vertical bodily structure as well. It is heavy but it is easier to light it up and don’t shift it to so many places. It must have a single permanent place. If it breaks it will crack. But if the material is eroding you can always paint it through refractory material. 

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