A Party Wall Surveyor for Party Wall Agreement

A party wall is often a wall between semi-detached or terraced homes that divides you from your neighbour. It is also referred to as garden walls constructed across boundaries. It can also be an area of your building or something different, like a garden surrounded by stone or brick. Even if a party wall is built by your neighbour and not on your property, it still counts as a party wall because it divides your properties.

The 1996 Party Wall Act regulates party walls. The Act aims to aid property owners in the development of their properties while considering the interests of various impacted parties. If you didn’t obtain approval for the construction and want a party wall agreement, you may need to hire a party wall surveyor. Before work starts, these experts can determine which parts of your house and your neighbours’ homes are in danger.

Icon Surveyors are both qualified and experienced. They specialise in Party Wall Agreements. Their party wall experts have worked on party wall agreements for anything from multi-story basements to extensions. Their expertise guarantees that they are always able to offer the best service. Their head office is in Central London, but they also have branches in Surrey, North and East London.

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Reasons to Use Party Wall Surveyor 

  • If a neighbour objects to the work you plan to do and you are unable to resolve the problem peacefully, then you should hire a surveyor.
  • A party wall surveyor’s job is to evaluate the work that is being done as well as any concerns that the surrounding homes may have to provide an unbiased Party wall.
  • This could be a document that outlines how and when the work is to be paid for as well as the specifics of any additional work that needs to be done.
  • Although the party wall Surveyor can draft this document with the needs and expectations of all parties in mind, in the end, it will not be partial to any party. The surveyor resolves the conflict in a way that is incredibly honest and impartial.
  • In some cases, it may be necessary for nearby property owners to select their surveyor to ensure the result is truly unbiased.

When Is a Party Wall Surveyor Needed? 

If you want to hold up any work affecting the wall or if you plan to excavate close to the wall, you must provide your neighbour a party wall notice (within 3 or 6 metres, betting on the depth of the new foundations).

Party wall notice is required if you’re performing the following task: 

  • Expansions and loft conversions
  • Digging the foundations for a two-story addition
  • Tearing down interior walls that require structural support
  • Installing damp-proof walls

A surveyor can also assist you to manage your relationship with your neighbour, allaying any of their concerns and reassuring them that their property is secure. The cost of a party wall surveyor varies according to where you are in the country and how much work they must complete.

Given the complexity of the project and the consequent diversity of surveyors involved, the value of this will increase.

Thus, instead of getting into disparity with your neighbours, hire a common party wall surveyor and resolve the issue.

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