All You Need To Know About Transferring Mobile Home Title

If you consider estate planning, you might be asking yourself how it is possible to transfer mobile home title. Firstly you need to know that a mobile home title transfer is a type of document that will move the ownership of a mobile home from one party to another. It might sound like a pretty simple concept as the process is known to people, but you need to know that the methods are different from other property types, varying from state to state. Depending on where your mobile home is located, the state law will dominate how the mobile home will be treated, including real property like brick and mortar homes or like some vehicle.

Where Do You Need To Start With Your Transfer Process?

The experts at offices are generally responsible for transferring the title of your mobile homes, and the officers will also vary depending on your state. For example, you need to visit the Department of Housing if your state considers mobile homes a real estate property. Still, if your state considers you set as a vehicle, you need to visit the motor vehicles department for the title transfer.

Tips To Transfer Your Mobile Home Title

  • Consider Your Terms

Before you decide to transfer the mobile home title, you must determine the exchange terms. For example, if you are selling a mobile home, it might be simple to agree on any price with the buyer. However, there might be stipulations if there is a case of inheritance or other transferring reasons that must be aligned before the transfer is finalized.

  • Gather All Your Documents

The title transfer process for the mobile home is likely to differ from place to place or state to state, and there might be some differences between countries, so you need to ensure that you know everything about the requirements of the specific area. Some of the documents you need to have with you are as follows.

  • Tax Certificate

It proves that your mobile home’s property taxes have been paid on time and can be easily obtained at your local taxing authority.

  • Title Application

The title application must be filled out and signed by the buyer if the state requires a title application. In some cases, it must be signed by both parties.


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