Benefits of Roof Gardens


If you are looking for an excellent way to spice up your space without hurting the environment, you should consider building garage roof gardens. Rooftop gardens are artificial green spaces that grow crops on the highest level of residential, commercial, or industrial buildings rather than in a farm or garden.

A garage with roof terrace is one of the best structures contributing to environmental sustainability. There are plenty of benefits of roof gardens. Check them out below:

They use less energy

Rooftop gardens provide excellent insulation to a building, retaining heat during cold seasons and maintaining cool temperatures during hot seasons. As a result, air conditioning systems are being replaced because the roof gardens do their work more naturally.

Roof gardens increase property values

A roof garden significantly boosts resale or rental values. It increases the value of the real estate. The most obvious benefit of a roof garden is that it is a valuable amenity that increases the value of the structure it occupies for a relatively low cost.

Urban agriculture

With rooftop gardens comes urban agriculture, an environmentally friendly and thriving initiative. This entails using green roofs as mini-farms that produce fresh food.

Waste reduction

Rooftop gardens have the potential to reduce waste by extending the life of the materials and technologies used in construction. This can include roof waterproofing membranes and reduced use of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Decrease and moderate storm water runoff

Because city rooftops and streets are hard surfaces, storm water runoff volume and velocity increase dramatically, contributing to global flooding and pollution. The typical city block makes several times more than the amount of runoff as a comparable woodland area due to nonporous surfaces like pavement and rooftops. Therefore, green roofs reduce and slow storm water runoff in urban areas.

Build a rooftop garden in your space

Hutters Architects, a Chicago-based architectural firm, designs residential, commercial, and industrial structures, including rooftop gardens. Visit their website  today!

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