Different Types of Radio Frequency Shielding Used in Buildings

Electromagnetic protection strategies are increasingly included in new building constructions. Furthermore, IR shielding can also be easily incorporated into existing buildings to reduce or eliminate radiation transmission in living and working areas. Modern and advanced architectural screening materials are used to eliminate exposure of the building to electromagnetic, radiofrequency, and microwave radiation from nearby sources. Thus, the buildings are shielded and sensitive, and vulnerable electronic devices and equipment are protected from unnecessary interference from radiation waves. Several types of IR shielding applications are utilized in the construction sector.


IR enclosures are the simplest forms of shield used in buildings. The enclosures create a cage-like effect encompassing the electronic devices and equipment they safeguard. They are designed in perforated and robust forms based on the applications. When a well-designed metal closure is applied to the buildings, they can absorb and also redirect the electromagnetic and radiofrequency interferences. Thus, there is no unwanted hindrance to the functioning of the electronic equipment inside the building.


Coatings are more or less similar to paints combined with conductive metals that help to form a shield. IR coatings are a popular choice in the building construction industry because it is flexible. One simply needs to brush them on the surface or walls of the buildings to function. Unlike other shielding options, coatings don’t take up additional space and have no weight. The only downside is that a simple scratch can compromise the shielding effect, but re-coating is always an option that can be considered.


IR shielding filters are excellent solutions for blocking high-frequency wave transmission from passing through buildings and interfering with the operation of electronic devices and tools. The filters have emerged as a savior that safeguards sensitive electronic items from damage caused by high-level radioactive transmissions emitted by nearby electronic radiations. Additionally, IR filters can be eliminated undesired electricity transmitted via cables and wiring. This is important as the unwanted electricity conduction interferes with power lines and signals. Moreover, filters help to allow only the desirable currents to flow without any hindrance.

Foil Shielding Tapes

Foil shielding tapes are yet another popular method of IR shielding used in commercial buildings. Shielding tapes are designed for electronic applications in buildings that demand point-to-point contact and grounding. The tapes consist of signals produced by electronic appliances and devices. They can also obstruct the external signals that influence the internal elements of the device. Flexibility, ease of use, and easy customization make foil shielding tapes a popular choice in construction as an IR shielding solution.


IR shielding has gained a reputation for rendering multiple architectural solutions. The shielding contributes to the protection and security of many wireless electronic appliances, tools, and devices used in commercial buildings. Additionally, the shielding can also safeguard the occupants of the building. The primary focus of IR shielding in buildings is to prevent radio frequency interferences or electromagnetic disturbances influencing sensitive electronics. This is achieved by applying metallic IR screening.

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