Do You Need Permission To Renovate A Condo In Ontario?

Condo renovation is one of the ways to improve the aesthetics and functionality of a condo and breathe life into the space. You may want to install a new hardwood flooring or remodel the kitchen layout. Whatever the condo renovation project you have in mind may be, it is good to be clear about the requirements for carrying out such projects to avoid issues. 

Are you planning a condo renovation but you want to know if you need permission to renovate a condo in Ontario? Are you searching for requirements for condo renovation in Ontario? Do not stress out; read this post further for more information.

Can you renovate a condo in Ontario?

It is essential to keep in mind the rules and regulations for your condo. Of course, you can renovate a condo in Ontario but you must follow the rules and guidelines for the renovation. The board managing the condo usually provides information about what kind of condo renovation you can carry out.

Meanwhile, you must notify the board in charge of the condo of your intention to renovate your condo. Give detailed information about the proposed condo renovation project, which will help clarify your plans. A clear plan will enable the board to understand what you are planning to do. 

Do you need permission to renovate a condo in Ontario?

You unavoidably must need permission from your condo board before you start condo renovation. This is important because certain renovations are allowed. Because of this, you must present your condo renovation plan to the condo board for appraisal and permission. 

Condo boards usually have a list of requirements that condo-owners must follow regarding condo renovation. As a result, obtaining the board’s permission should be prioritized before starting a condo renovation project. Keep in mind that it is very crucial to get the board’s permission before going beyond the planning stage. Do not attempt to bypass this procedure to avoid violating the requirements guiding condo renovation on your property. 

Important Information

The time during which the proposed condo renovation task will take place is very important. The renovation task must be carried out during the acceptable working hours in Ontario. Remember that renovating a condo can be noisy. As a result, the unavoidable sound from your condo can be disturbing for neighbors. 

The noise bylaw in Ontario does not allow construction-related sounds from 7 pm to 7 am Monday to Friday. Besides, the house is prohibited from 7 pm to 9 am on Saturdays, while construction noise is not allowed on Sundays and statutory holidays.


Getting the condo board’s permission before undertaking any condo renovation project is very crucial. If you have chosen the right condo renovation task, having it approved or permitted by the board will save time and money.

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