Easy DIY Projects to Improve the Value of Your Home

Easy DIY projects to improve your home are within reach for any homeowner. Tasks can be small and affordable while making a big impact in the design or function of your home-sweet-home. Look no further for our top ideas for easy DIY projects to improve your living space.

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Create a coffee bar

A fun and easy way to give your kitchen an upgrade is by creating a DIY coffee bar. Repurpose a table or shelf you already own and give it a DIY spin with a fresh coat of paint. Buy a few new coffee mugs, and a fancy roast to make the at-home coffee experience luxe.

Reupholster your headboard

Make your bedroom feel brand new by easily reupholstering your headboard. This is a simple, inexpensive way to totally change up the design of your room. The sky is the limit with the fabric you choose to get any look you desire. Add some padding and use a staple gun to ensure the fabric stays taunt.

Build your own outdoor firepit

A firepit is a great place to gather outdoors with friends and family. There are lots of ways to accomplish this. Try using brick, cinder blocks, or pavers to create a designated fire spot. Fill your pit with pea gravel to protect the ground. Finish the space off with some new chairs for easy conversations outdoors.

Wallpaper a wall

Create a fun focal point in your home by adding a playful wallpaper accent wall. Whether you add a bold pattern, or choose something simple and modern, wallpaper is a great way to transform a room in a single afternoon. Check out peel-and-stick versions for easier DIY application.

Make a compost

Easily make yourself a compost bin to have fresh, nutrient-dense soil for an outdoor garden. Compost is not only stellar for the environment, but it also offers endless benefits to any gardener. You can DIY a compost box in your yard and add in all your fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds, dryer lint, grass clippings and more. Keep the bin in a sunny spot and keep it moist. Soon enough you’ll have rich soil you created all on your own!

Paint your front door

Change up your curb appeal instantly by adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door. Ideally you should remove the door from the hinges before painting. Give the door a sand, wash, and dry before adding your coat of paint. Also be sure to remove the doorknob and lock and cover any glass panes.

Replace your faucets

Replacing your faucets can make your kitchen and bathroom spaces feel brand new. Begin the project by shutting off your water, loosening the nuts on the old hardware, and lifting it out. Next, place your new faucet into place, attach the nuts and water lines, and wah-la, you have a brand-new faucet that transforms any sink.


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