Five clear warning signs of your indoor air quality getting compromised

Clean air is essential to ensure overall well-being and health. Breathing polluted air continuously for a long time will only cause allergy symptoms. Moreover, polluted air encourages mould growth along with indoor humidity levels. Hence, you need to know some warning signs to stay safe and purify indoor air.

5 warning signs to know about

  • Allergic reactions: With climate changes occurring very fast, people experience sickness, runny nose and cold. But allergic reaction can be caused by halogens present inside the house. Generally, there enter different kinds of foreign particles like pollen and dust that will make your family members sick. During winters, it is common to keep closed the windows and doors throughout the day. This, in turn, traps all foreign particles in every room. It is a warning sign of your home air quality reducing significantly.
  • Mould growth: There could be mould growing in the different corners of your home. This means, indoor air quality has dropped down drastically. Wiping the floor to eliminate mould will not just eliminate it as it will only resurface again quickly. Rather, you need to clean the air. Mould tends to spread all over the home, something not good for anyone’s health since it might cause allergic reactions.
  • Accumulated dust: Tiny dust particles are tough to detect especially with naked eye. As dust accumulates on shelves on furniture, it becomes noticeable. This means indoor air has got polluted. Adequate cleaning measures should be undertaken to improve air quality.
  • Bad odours: If room windows & doors are kept closed for a long time, it is quite natural for stale air to persist in the room. Moreover, if you own pet animals, then the problem is only likely to get worse with time. If smell something bad for several weeks or months, then your nose is likely to get adjusted to this odour. Hence, you are unlikely to recognize it anymore, thus causing health issues.
  • High humidity: Excessive humidity compromises indoor air quality. According to the professionals at org, interior humidity level s to be around 30% to 50%. To ensure deriving this level, you need to keep open all windows periodically especially during winter season.

Hence, understanding the above signs will allow you to know that you are to take immediate steps to protect your family members and pets from harm. They do need fresh, clean air 24/7.

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