How Can You Know You Have Bed Bugs In Your House?


Having any kind of pest in your home can feel overwhelming and even traumatic to some people. If you have a bad experience with pests in the house while growing up, it can make the problem too much to handle. And if it’s bed bugs, it can be downright scary! If you suspect that you have them on your property, knowing for sure is a good idea.

It will let you contact professional Detroit Bed Bug Control soon enough.

Red Marks on the Skin

Do you usually wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and joyful? Well, if you are not experiencing that and instead, you are waking up to red marks on the skin that needs itching, then it may well be a sign that there are bed bugs on your property. While these pests do not have venom, their bite can lead to welts of red color and they can itch a lot. When you itch them, it is easy to get bruised and even bleed.

Discomfort During the Night

It can be scary to know that you have been sleeping with bed bugs! These pests do not come out during the day and instead do so when the lights go out. Since they feast on human blood, they become active only when human beings lay down on their beds to go to sleep. So if you are feeling discomfort during the night and unable to get restful sleep, then it may well be because of bed bugs.

You Can Smell Them

This is so accurate. People who have bed bugs on their property often feel a strong smell or odor weeks before they start seeing bed bugs or get any other signs that they are there. If you can smell a musty or unpleasant odor every time you are near the bed or go into your bedroom, it may be because the pests have taken control. 

While these are symptoms that have come into your property, you must know how to be sure of them.

Inspection for Bed Bugs

The thing is that bed bugs like hiding during the day and usually only will come out at night. So trying to find them can be a bit of an issue if you are casual about it. Here are tips to help you.

  • Inspect the Bed: This is absolutely the first thing you should be doing if you suspect a bed bug infestation. Inspect the bed properly by taking off the duvet, the bedsheets as well as the mattress and try to see whether you find anything. Even if it is a single bed bug, be assured there will be more.
  • Look at Closets: If you have a closet where clothes are kept, then make sure you inspect that. 
  • Go Professional: If you still can’t find them, call in a professional to be sure.

Bed bugs don’t just come to homes, they may also be in hotels and resorts. They can come with you from outdoors to your property and start living. Calling in a professional to get rid of them is the best step.


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