How Much Does A Granite Countertop Cost?

The amount to be spent to make a granite countertop varies significantly according to the color of the granite chosen and the size of the countertop, as the price is usually determined per m².

Another factor that can change the cost of this item is where you live, as there are changes in value from region to region.

How To Choose The Color Of A Granite Countertop

One of the most complicated tasks when making a granite countertop such as alpine spring quartz is choosing the stone’s color, as it will make all the difference in your kitchen or bathroom decor.

At this point, you should constantly evaluate what will be more harmonious with the other elements of the environment. Dark granites, like black ones, are a great match for modern and contemporary decorations. They are also ideal for kitchens with black cooktops and cabinets, as these items will practically camouflage themselves over and under the countertop. However, for bathrooms and small kitchens, the darker stones visually diminish the room. Granite countertops made in light gray and white are ideal in these cases.

In addition, light stones are also great for cleaner and more sophisticated decorations and match practically all shades of cabinets and appliances.

Best Ways To Care For Granite Countertops

As much as the granite countertop has high resistance and durability, it is essential to take care of it correctly to last for years.

It is worth knowing that there are specific products for cleaning granite, and it is a good choice to use them daily. However, there are also other ways to clean and conserve this stone.

During daily cleaning, you can use a cloth dampened with water and detergent, and in part close to the stove, it is interesting to apply a neutral or natural degreaser.

Another tip is related to cases of spilling oil, milk, or any other liquid or solid on the bench. At this time, it is recommended to clean it immediately to avoid stains or what has fallen sticks and is more difficult to remove.

However, if a stain still appears, you can try to remove it using some bicarbonate and water. In some cases, this recipe works.

To not damage the granite countertop, keep in mind that the roughest part of the sponges or other abrasive materials should not be used.


The granite countertop has been part of numerous decoration and architecture projects and is a great option to add to the beauty of kitchens and bathrooms.


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