3 Essential Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Painter

Hiring a professional painter such as Oahu Pro Painters for example to paint your home, office, or any other place is the best decision you can take but bear in mind that there are some important factors to look out for when choosing a painter:

Mastery Of Techniques And Finishes

The professional painter is thoroughly familiar with the techniques and finishes used in the painting process. He is very familiar with the 3Ps system (Preparation, Pre-Painting, and Painting), a methodology used in the surface recovery and beautification process and designed to guide professionals from product choice to apply.

A good professional also master painting techniques such as those that create a burnt cement effect (commonly used in industrial-style environments), a crumpled velvet effect, or a cortein steel effect. In the same way, it can indicate the best finish – semi-gloss, matte, and satin – for an internal or external environment, with a lot of light or with imperfections or textures, for example.

Knowledge Of Materials

Having a solid knowledge of materials, paints, and other products is essential for the professional painter to deliver the best result. The budget of a good professional includes the purchase of materials such as masking tape, canvas, sandpaper, and brushes. Rollers, for example, should be chosen when the surfaces are large. They must also be chosen according to the type of paint: low-pile for PVA and acrylic paints; foam for enamels, oil paint, and varnish; rigid foam or rubber for effects and textures.

On the other hand, the brushes need to be of excellent quality, as they are used to finish the painting; light bristles are for water-based paints such as PVA and acrylic; and the darkest ones are for oil paints, enamels, and varnishes. The sandpapers also have to be well-chosen according to the condition of the wall, smooth or rough.

Ability To Choose The Right Ink

Every good professional painter not only knows the color palette of paints on the market very well but also the most suitable type for each surface. Latex or PVA paint, for example, water-soluble, is the most used in interiors and the best finish for interior surfaces, as it leaves almost no odor, dries quickly, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. However, it is not suitable for wet areas or areas exposed to rain.

In turn, acrylic paint, although it looks very similar to latex and is also water-soluble, has acrylic resins that provide high waterproofing, which makes it ideal for external surfaces and wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Brighter than latex, even in the matte version, this type of paint also dries quickly and has the advantage of being washable. The enamel paint, not soluble in water, is indicated for wooden or iron surfaces, guaranteeing greater durability. The professional painter is the right choice to know which is the most suitable for your wall or surface.


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