How to Clean Split Air Conditioners

The majority of us have air conditioners, thus it is necessary to keep them in excellent condition so that the a/c won’t wear out during this hot summer when having one is the only option to keep us cool and comfortable. Find the top AC Repair services in your region.

Window air conditioners and split air conditioners are the two varieties, and each has a different cleaning and maintenance procedure. Split air conditioners are a popular kind of cooling equipment that is renowned for its flexible, small design.  the interior unit, which is placed into the wall of your home, resembles a long rectangle.

It’s critical to regularly inspect and cleanse your split air conditioning unit since any air conditioner is only as effective as the internal workings. 

In this article, we’ll examine how to thoroughly clean split air conditioners at home. 

Method 1: 

disinfecting interior components: 

1. The air conditioner should always be turned off, and it is always advised to cover it with a cleaning bag. 

2. There are certain locks in the front panel that need to be undone to open once the air conditioner has been turned off. 

Make sure you’re shutting off the electricity to the complete cooling system because most devices include indoor and outdoor components. 

3. The air filters need to be taken out and carefully cleaned; these are the wide, rectangular components that lie at the front of the device (the air filter is the most crucial component).

4. Be sure to use chilled water while rinsing the detached air purifiers under running water. 

Advice: Change your filters at least every two months. 

5. You then need to blow the dust off the cooling fins system, Make sure to blow across the cooling fins’ whole surface area. 

6. After removing the air filter, you must clean the coils. It is advised to use no-rinse evaporator spray since other sprays might harm the air conditioner. Always wait until the coils are dry before turning the air conditioner on.

7. Remember to fix it back to the original location only after that units are completely dry

Tip: These air filters will guarantee that only pure, chilled air passes through your air conditioner. 

8. Next, flush the drain lines of the air conditioner to clear any obstructions. 

9. Restart your split A/C when cleaning is finished to ensure that all components are in working order.

Method -2 

Taking Care of the Outdoor Unit 

  • Your outdoor unit should be unplugged or turned off to make sure it is completely switched off.  
  • With a brush vacuum, remove any observable dust and dirt from the outside unit. 
  • If any of the metal fins appear to be bent, use a long dinner knife to push it into the gaps around them so they will straighten out.
  • To clean the fan, unscrew the outside unit’s cover. 
  • The air conditioner may be thoroughly cleaned when the fan is removed. The rinsing procedure makes the fins as transparent and sanitary as possible, allowing your condenser to function properly. Before moving on, let it dry. 
  • After securing your fan into the condenser unit with the required tools, switch off the air conditioner. 

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