How to Keep Your Drains Unclogged

We use our pipes all the time because we use water in our houses. These lines go through a lot, from washing dishes to flushing the toilet. We will encounter fewer problems if we are alert, yet keeping aware might be difficult. Clogs are unavoidable, but they should not be a permanent source of irritation.

If blockages get severe enough, they can cause your pipes to back up and crack. These fissures can explode and give you a large amount of harm. As a result, it is critical that you keep the following tips in mind to help you be cautious.

However, in the event of an emergency, it is critical to seek the assistance of specialists. When consumers want drain cleaning services in Alta, UT, they know to contact Tower Plumbing!

Take Caution With What You Flush

Toilets are some of the most utilized things in the home. They are used by several persons at various times of the day. These gadgets are meant to flush down garbage and toilet paper, nothing more. So, while you may believe it’s fine to throw in a few more items, you might be producing a clog in your pipes.

Avoid flushing feminine hygiene items, diapers, or paper towels. Instead, toss these objects into the garbage can. In addition, if you have large bowel motions, you can consider courtesy flushing (flushing twice). This can limit how much trash flows down at one time, which can provide your pipes some comfort.

Avoid Overloading Your Garbage Disposal

For many, having a garbage disposal in their sink is a luxury. It reduces the quantity of food waste that ends up in the garbage bag, which might cause smells. However, the blades in these fixtures are limited in their capacity. You can cause them to break down and destroy your pipes if you are not careful.

Garbage disposals are intended to break up food peels or eggshells. Animal bones and fruit pits, for example, are too hard to break apart, no matter how hard your disposal tries. Make sure you know what you’re scraping into the sink the next time you clean off a plate. Also, avoid dumping oil down your drains since this liquid solidifies quickly and can prevent other trash from passing down the pipes.

Set Up a Hair Catcher

The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of electronic goods. However, hair from your head and shaving might accumulate in your drain over time. While hair is generally thin and breakable, enough of it can clump up together and form a blockage. Pulling out a clump of hair is not only inconvenient but also disgusting.

A hair catcher can assist you in avoiding at least some of these problems. Not all hair, especially the fine strands following a shave, will be captured, but the majority of the problem will be solved. This is preferable to using chemicals, which might cause additional pipe damage.

Plumbing Help in Utah

Even while these suggestions might be helpful, your best bet is to hire a genuine expert for a yearly drain cleaning. Towers Plumbing is one such company that provides complete service to Salt Lake City, Alta, Draper, South Jordan, Cottonwood Heights, and Riverton, UT. Their work is so beneficial that the likelihood of you dealing with a significant pipe problem again is considerably reduced!

Towers Plumbing employs state-of-the-art solutions for all of your draining difficulties so that the work is done perfectly the first time. Being conscious may benefit you in the short term, but getting further assistance is always a good idea. Even better, if a blockage becomes too difficult for you to manage, Towers Plumbing may be there the same day you call- no matter how early or late!

Don’t allow a minor hiccup to disrupt your day. When you need a helping hand, call Towers Plumbing for Utah’s best contractors!


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