Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best Fireplace For Your Home

A fireplace can change the feel of any room, whether it is adding a modern touch to a spacious living room or a traditional feel to a family den. When it comes to fireplace installation in Utah, Method Air can’t be beaten. Their background-checked technicians are prompt and professional, allowing you to rely on them to get the job done.

Before you give Method Air a call to get that fireplace in, though, take some of these factors into consideration about your new family fireplace:

Pick a Fuel

When it comes to fireplaces, there is a range of fuel types you may pick from. Natural gas, propane, wood, and fireplace pellets are the most common alternatives. Each kind of fuel has advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to assess your requirements before deciding which type of fuel is ideal for your fireplace.

Fireplace Size

The size of the room where the fireplace will be installed should be considered while deciding on the size of the fireplace to install. For example, if the room is smaller and there is limited space, a smaller electric or gas fireplace might be more appropriate. If, on the other hand, the room is vast and there is enough area to work with, a larger and more powerful electric or gas fireplace may be the preferable choice. Whatever sort of fireplace you pick, be sure to first measure the space where it will be installed to ensure that you acquire the correct size for your individual room. This will assist in producing an appropriate heating space while also adding visual appeal to the room’s overall environment.

Match Your Home Decor

There are various aspects to consider while choosing a fireplace design. The size and form of your space, for example, may determine the sort of fireplace you choose. If you have a big living room, an electric or gas insert may be the best option for distributing heat evenly and creating a warm ambiance. If you want a more classic design, there are lots of wood-burning fireplaces that can fit into almost any house.

In addition to size and form, consider the materials you’d want your fireplace to be created from. Stone and brick are popular choices for individuals looking for a traditional or rustic look, while metal and glass are more contemporary. Whatever material you pick, be sure it complements the overall look of your property.


Installing a wood-burning fireplace is a fantastic alternative if you are prepared to do some upkeep each year. You should be prepared to sweep the chimney and examine it for damage or obstructions on a yearly basis. Furthermore, the firebox should be cleaned on a regular basis to eliminate soot and ash left over from the burning wood. You can also buy a fireplace cleaning kit to assist in maintaining your fireplace looking its best. It is critical to review the manufacturer’s instructions for any extra maintenance needs or suggestions. Finally, keep any flammable things away from the fireplace, and inspect the area surrounding it on a regular basis for indications of damage or degradation.

Method Air is a reliable and trustworthy heating and air conditioning firm that serves the cities of Draper, South Jordan, Riverton, Cottonwood Heights, Bluffdale, Alta, and Herriman by providing free quotes in those communities. You may schedule an appointment, read customer reviews, and obtain today’s discount specials by visiting their website.

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