How to Know It May Be Time to Get New Kitchen Cabinets

For many homeowners, knowing when to get new kitchen cabinets can be hard. After all, new cabinets are a significant investment. That is why most homeowners will want to keep their cabinets for as long as possible. But if you find your current kitchen cabinets already annoying, you may want to replace them as soon as possible with custom cabinets from  So, when does not it make sense to get new cabinets for your kitchen? Below are some signs:

You are Tired of Your Cabinets’ Appearance

If your current cabinets have stains or look worn, you may want to get a replacement for them. Outdated cabinets are not only an eyesore but also dysfunctional. Or perhaps these cabinets do not match your style or personality. Whatever the case, it may be time to replace your cabinets when you no longer like their look.

You want your kitchen to be warm and inviting enough to make you spend time there.  But if you are not loving the space because of the cabinets, you should consider upgrading them. Custom cabinets allow you to pick each detail including the colour, style, and door hardware.

You Have Damaged Cabinets

Damaged cabinets are not attractive and functional. Damage in cabinets comes in a lot of forms such as warping, mould, and water spots. When you see any of this damage, you should replace your kitchen cabinets.

Your current cabinets in the kitchen may be damaged when their doors do not close properly, the wood is splintering, and you can find grime. Also, bubbling under the surface is a sign of damage that tells you that you should replace your cabinets. But when you find mold or water damage, have the leaks fixed by a plumber first before you install new kitchen cabinets.

You Need Improved Functionality

If your kitchen cabinets no longer offer the functionality you require, you may need to replace them. Usually, houses are made with cheap stock cabinets that do not have enough storage space. If you own a holder house, your cabinets may be made before you needed to store several modern appliances.

Fortunately, you get the required functionality when you invest in custom kitchen cabinets. The best cabinet makers provide the necessary options and accessories to maximise the functionality of your cabinets. For instance, your cabinets can include drawer inserts to keep your kitchen utensils organised. Also, you can put your pantry items within reach by having lazy Susans.


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