How To Prevent A Slab Leakage?

The concrete foundation of a home sits over a series of copper pipes. And even a minor leak, if untreated for a long, can turn into a significant problem. Unfortunately, these leaks often remain undetected until the damage leech to the foundation. Leak detection is typically a science requiring specialized equipment to figure out its source along the water line accurately. And always remember that instead of running to a store and investing in the necessary devices, it’s more cost-effective to call a professional slab leak plumber. This article enlists tips to prevent slab leakage.

Learn the Slab Leakage Warning Signs 

Homeowners often only realize a leak in their slab once it’s too late. Knowing the early signs of a slab leak can help an individual contact the expert plumber quickly and prevent further damage. Below given are the most common early signs indicating a slab leakage:

  • Sudden rise in water bills
  • Continuously running the water heater
  • Sudden fall in water pressure
  • Damaged hardwood flooring

Schedule a regular Plumbing Inspection

Whether a homeowner has noticed any warning signs of slab leakage or the plumbing system seems perfect, scheduling a regular plumbing inspection is highly recommended. It will help professional plumbers find any minor leaks before they cause any major plumbing disaster.

For example, an experienced plumber will know how to use a specialized hearing device to hear the sound of water leaking from the piping system installed under the home’s slab. If the plumber detects a leak, he will provide options to repair the plumbing damage or if the foundation requires any work.

Maintain Optimal Water Pressure

High water pressure is the primary reason for wreaking havoc on the building’s plumbing, which can lead to a slab leak. When understanding the leak signs, check if the water pressure is too high. For instance, one of the most common signs indicating too high water pressure is a banging or clanking noise when water is running.

One can also contact a professional plumber. If he determines that the water pressure is too high, he might suggest installing a pressure-reducing valve, allowing the homeowner to maintain his home’s water pressure manually.

Pay Attention to the Trees Around the House

Although trees surrounding a house enhance the curb appeal, they can sometimes cause a slab leak. If the plumbing system embedded beneath a slab is damaged, the roots of trees nearby a house will start growing toward this constant water source. Now that tree roots are strong, they can break through the pipe damage, resulting in a major plumbing disaster.

Therefore, prune the trees regularly. If they have grown too large and started posing a severe threat to the plumbing, it’s better to remove these potentially dangerous trees professionally.


Slab leakage can either be the symptom of an ongoing plumbing problem or the source of the same that can take place in the future. Knowing these preventive measures will help homeowners deal with plumbing leakage on time and prevent it from becoming a major disaster. Moreover, the best preventative measure is getting experts’ comprehensive plumbing service.

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