Innovative ways to utilize entryway to your home

It’s human nature. We often do things that we have been told not to do, for example, judging a book by its cover, perceiving a person by their dressing style, or making an opinion even before entering someone’s home – well, more about the home aesthetic than the host.

The foyer makes a first impression on your guests when they enter your home. And imagine opening the door to the abstract art pieces hanging on the wall, a Buddha sculpture holding calming Peace Lily on the corner table, or quirky hooks to hold coats, bags, and umbrellas with funny greetings and warm vibes. Well, anything but a blank boring white wall or even worse clutter of shoes in front of the door or vintage broke items stashed in the corner where you think no one will see it!

Your home says a lot about your personality and guests get a glimpse right at the entryway. If you are worried about the current scene at your entryway here are the ideas to give off warm and welcoming vibes into your sweet abode.

Let’s try these, one by one!

  1. Cut the clutter with a shoe rack

The first you or your guests will do after reaching your doorsteps is remove their shoes. Give them proper storage to keep their shoes safe and sound. You can choose from a simple shoe stand or go for a stylish wooden shoe rack to bring more flair to the shoe corner.

Want to use floor space for something else? You can always choose a wall-mounted shoe rack that will happily free up the floor space for entryway seating, houseplants, or more storage space.

  1. Make ’em feel invited

What is that one thing that makes you feel invited and wanted in your favorite spa, salon, or coffee shop? A carefully crafted space that makes you go clutter-free and comfortable right away.

You can experience the same comfortable and calming vibes every time you come home – by creating space to stash stuff. Consider installing wall hooks to hold wet raincoats and umbrellas. A quick tip to keep your floor dry – place low light houseplants right below the hook bar.

You can also go for a shoe rack with drawers for more storage space to keep your shoe and other outdoor accessories handy in one place.

  1. Tickle their senses

A well-lit home always feels warm and welcoming. Add fragrance to it and you will be soothing mind and invite-only good vibes to your home, right from the entryway. If you don’t have natural light brightening your entryway you can always use ambient lighting or mirror pieces to reflect the light across the room.

This will also make your home feel bigger, brighter, fresh, and inviting. With the natural rays and mood lights, there won’t a dull moment in your home.

  1. Create artistic drama

Got an eye for art? Why not show your talent or taste right when and where the guests enter? Bring out your inner artist or choose a piece from your favorite artist to hang on the foyer wall.

Have pets roaming around the house? You can hang the portrait of your pet with some puny wall quote. This will warm up the cold walls in the entryway while making your guests beware of pets at home.

  1. Go color

Talking about the art, why not paint the whole wall bright and more dramatic than just hanging a few paintings in the corner? Well, if you are in for bold colors you can think of painting your entryway wall; add some glamor with a vintage chair or shoe rack with a stylish design and you have a showstopper at the entryway!

  1. Set up an instrument

Even music instruments can be vintage or showstoppers or both. If you have a broken guitar lying in your storeroom or your grandma’s sitar that you have cherished to date. Why not use such an instrument for a dramatic welcome with background music? The use of wooden flooring and earthy palettes will make it a more grounded and warmer welcome, something every visitor looks forward to.

  1. Small and mighty

Working with a pint-sized entry space? This can trickier to fill the space and create a moment before your guests enter the living room. However, using just the right items will make for a grand welcome even in the smallest spaces.

You can install a couple of hooks to hang coats accompanied by an umbrella holder. Placing a mirror right on the wall that reflects the light is the trick you need to make your entry space look grander and brighter.

Worried about your foyer not being aligned with the aesthetics of the rest of the house? You can replace the mirror with prints or wallpaper to make it cohesive with the living room. How about covering your wall with a themed wallpaper and adding items like a corner table, a chair, or just a giant vase? Grand enough welcome for a pint-sized entryway? Your guests will be amazed by your eye for interior and creativity and you will be instantly showered with praise.

  1. Go wild from floor to ceiling

If you are dealing with a low-ceiling space you can go wild with floor-to-ceiling prints or patterns. And the best part of this is that you don’t have to think of designing the space aligned with the living room aesthetics.

In fact, you can go the total opposite and fulfill your desire of using quirky patterns and bold colors that you couldn’t use anywhere else in your home. Add a shoe cabinet in one corner to fill the negative space. If even the patterned walls look too bland for your taste you can add an oversized round mirror to bring a flair.

  1. Play with the floor

Sometimes all it takes is a small rug in the entryway to announce the warm welcome. Rugs make for a great statement piece whether you are designing a small space or running in the large one. And the fact they come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and patterns can easily help you create the desired vibes on a budget.

Want a more permanent solution than a rug? How about replacing plain center tiles with dramatic Moroccan tiles? This will create a more permanent ruggish look and feel while you can keep the rest of the space simple and elegant.

Wrapping up

An entryway of the house is the first place where the guests are welcomed into the house. And a carefully crafted foyer space will make them feel the same. However, you can keep it simple or go as grand as you want, the key to a creatively cozy foyer is to know how you can make your visitors feel comfortable without disturbing the home aesthetics, vibes, and budget.

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