Lesser-Known Benefits of Using Cleaning Services


Cleaning services aren’t cheap, so only people with a sizable disposable income usually opt for them. However, that would all change if more people knew the impactful and lesser-known benefits of using cleaning services. If you need to hire cleaning services, you can do so by searching for “cleaning services near me”. For now, let’s check out a few of those benefits.

The Benefits

  1. Reduced seasonal allergies – With seasonal changes, especially during the fall and spring seasons, people with allergies have a really hard time. That’s because the environment is more abundant with pollen, dust, and all sorts of airborne particles. That’s where hiring a cleaning service can help you out. Cleaning services help you get rid of allergens from your home by regular vacuuming, scrubbing, and sometimes some deep cleaning methods. 

Apart from regular cleaning, you can also hire cleaning services to clean out your sheets, pillows, blankets, curtains, and other such fabrics that trap a lot of allergens. They are dusted or washed and dried to get rid of all the dust and microbes trapped inside the fibers. All that cleaning brings down the number of airborne particles in your home drastically and significantly improves the air quality. That means you have fewer or no allergy outbreaks when inside your home.

  1. Improved mental health – Life is very difficult, stressful, and tiring. That’s why homeowners think that the stresses induced by domestic life are simply out of their sphere of control and unavoidable. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your domestic life may be full of stress due to the multitude of chores, school and personal struggles of your kids, bills, and other things. However, in all that chaos, you can always have control over one thing – cleaning. 

Outsource the cleaning chores to someone else by hiring a cleaning service. It takes a big load off your back and helps you bring order to your messy home. Research has shown that a clean and uncluttered home makes you calm and improves your focus, among many other mental health benefits. A clean and uncluttered home can also reduce anxiety and stress. Your brain doesn’t have to be overwhelmed by visual cues of disorganization and helps you process things more easily. 

  1. Better sleep – Apart from improving your mental health, a clean home can also have another trickle-down effect of improving your sleep. A clean space has a surprising effect on your sleep quality. The National Sleep Foundation has done extensive research on the effects of clean space on your sleep and the results surprised a lot of folks. 

They found that homeowners who slept in clean rooms with organized spaces and clean sheets have an easier time falling asleep. Moreover, those people were also able to enter deeper REM sleep more quickly. They are less distracted by the surrounding elements and are more likely to stay asleep instead of waking up in the middle of the night. Hiring cleaning services can help you get those precious hours of sleep and make them count. 

  1. Saves money – As mentioned above, house cleaning services aren’t cheap. Cost of hiring a  cleaning service in the US averages between $100 to $150. It depends on where you live and the scope of the cleaning service. Regardless, three figures for a weekly cleaning service is expensive. However, that small amount you spend on hiring cleaning services can actually save you money by letting you use your time more efficiently.  

To figure out how a cleaning service saves you money, let’s figure out how much time you spend cleaning your home. If you earn around $50 an hour and it takes you roughly around 5 hours for weekend cleaning, you just lost $250 that could be earned during that time. This is called opportunity cost where you lose a substantial amount of earnings by choosing to clean the home yourself.     

Instead, if you hire a cleaning service for around $150, you save yourself some labor and make a profit of $100. Even if you make around $30 an hour and break even the cost of hiring a cleaning service, it’s a better alternative. The professionals do a better job at cleaning your home in a shorter amount of time, and you get more experience in your field or get to improve your professional skills. 

Even if you don’t want to spend that time earning money, you can use it to learn new skills and improve your resume to get a better job in the future. So, even if you don’t have a sizable disposable income, it’s always better to hire cleaning services instead of doing it yourself. That way you don’t need to let go of precious opportunities and use your time more wisely. 

  1. Better diet – This one throws everyone off since most people don’t associate diet with cleaning in their wildest fantasies. However, multiple studies have consistently shown that a cluttered and dirty environment leads to stress and anxiety. Moreover, a 2010 research conducted on psychological science found that subjects made healthier and smarter choices when it comes to food. 

Research subjects who stayed in cleaner and hygienic spaces chose to cook healthier meals and opted for more nutritious snacks instead of opting for empty calories from junk food. Cleaner homes have clean kitchens and that inspires people to cook more often at home instead of ordering cheap and greasy takeout meals.

  1. Increased safety – Living in a messy and cluttered home is like living in a safety hazard. There are several items on the floor that can make your trip or injure you in some other way. You’re also at higher risk of house fires. Fix that by hiring cleaning services for your home.        


Cleaning services don’t just clean your home. They bring numerous long-term benefits that have a deeper impact on your life and your bank account. They can save you money and also keep you more organized and healthier. You can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire pros fit for the job.


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