Optimum Relaxation with the Leisure Bay Spa  

Leisure Bay Spas have so many models to choose from. Here are some of these. They differ in size, the number of seats, and, of course, – the price. Have fun reading and choosing the best one for you.

  • The Elite Series

The models of this series all have 4 seats and 1 to 4 lounge seats, depending on the model you will choose.  All models have a cascading waterfall with backlights providing you with a relaxed atmosphere.  It also has a skimmer system and floor drain which helps in maintaining the tub surface clean.

  • The Celebrity Series

In this series, all models have one (1) lounge seat plus 2, 3, or 5 regular seats.  This series has special features which allow you to pre-set the temperature and lights.  You may select from 5 different illuminations, whichever suits your mood.

  • The Polysteel Series

You may choose from a 2, 3, or 5-seater tub, each with 1 lounge seat.  What is exclusively offered in this series is the interchangeable colored lenses providing you with more color to choose from, whichever goes well with your current sentiment.

  • The Fourwinds Spa Series

The tubs in this series are fully insulated which helps retain heat in the tub and the insulation reduces the sound of the machine so the hot tub operates more quietly than the other series.

The Leisure Bay Spas is a well-known brand in the spa and hot tubs industry.  Throughout the years, they have been trusted for their products’ reliability. Their products do extremely well in the following categories:

  • Design – Each tub is sensibly designed, promising a calming and soothing experience for its users. 
  • Structure – Their tubs are made of high quality and durable materials and each part is seamlessly engineered together to function fluidly.
  • Safety – Ensuring the safety of the users is one of the major considerations when combining the design and structure of their hot tub models.  Each tub has a self-diagnosis feature to prevent electric shocks and a water temperature regulator to prevent overheating.  It also undergoes rigid inspections at every stage of production.  A quality control team thoroughly inspects and tests the final products before launching them for sale.  Leisure Bay Spas has also been certified by the American UL and CE standards providing its clients with the assurance of quality and safety.

Why you should own one now?

With our fast-paced life and demanding lifestyle, we oftentimes forget that our bodies need to rest.  Having a nice spa hot tub in your home makes it convenient for you to take a time-out and rejuvenate your body with hydrotherapy.  No need to waste time and energy driving to a spa salon.  You can also get infected with bacteria from contaminated water when using a communal hot tub in a spa salon.  You rid yourself of this risk when you have your hot tub right in your home.  You know exactly who goes in there and how it is cleaned and disinfected.

Purchasing a Leisure Bay Spas hot tub may seem like a big expense but in the long run, you are saving yourself service fees from spa salons.  As mentioned above, their hot tubs are very durable and usable for a very long time.  Don’t forget, its health benefits as well.  As they say, “health is wealth!”



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