Services Offered by Painting Professionals in State College, PA

State College is also famously called Happy Valley and is among the most sought-after boroughs in Pennsylvania. The quaint region has charming stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and everything else residents could need. Moreover, it offers gorgeous homes for them to live in, ensuring their quality of life is much better than in other regions.

Those already living here for a while will testify that hiring professional painters in State College PA, is among the smartest things anyone can do, as these pros offer services that keep their homes looking spectacular. They bring quality paint and craftsmanship to ensure homes of all sizes and styles in the borough are attractive and protected from external elements like harsh UV rays.

The following points elucidate these experts’ essential services to State College residents throughout the year.

Residential and commercial buildings

Painting is a great way to make your home look great, giving it a unique look from the other houses in your neighborhood. Professional painters can transform any home into something more stylish and modern. Moreover, experienced local experts can paint all kinds of residential styles in the city, such as European designs, Georgian architecture, Classical Revival buildings, and more.

Also, painting contractors do not require state-level licenses in Pennsylvania but must show business insurance. This way, they can undertake pivotal commercial painting projects in State College, PA. Typically, a reputable local company accepts projects for medical offices, state and federal buildings, recreational facilities, and restaurants in the city.

Interior and exterior painting services

Interior services are where the professionals will paint the walls, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, and other surfaces within your State College home. However, some companies also provide epoxy floor and wood refinishing services, ensuring these stylish surfaces are protected from scratches and chipping.

When it comes to exterior painting, it is vital to understand that it entails more than painting the outer walls of a structure. Local professionals also offer to paint your garages, fences, decks, and other exterior property surfaces to give them a new look. Some companies perform power washing and wallpaper removal to ensure the surface is clean before a fresh coat of paint can be applied.

Accent walls

Accent walls are common in State College, PA, wherein expert painters color a single wall differently from the rest. It gives the room a classy look, with the different-colored wall standing out and complementing the decor. They offer this service to all regional buildings, including houses and apartments. Many residents choose accent walls to add an artistic touch to a room.

An experienced painter can help you choose a suitable color and shade for your accent wall by consulting with you on-site at home or office.


Reputable painters in State College, PA, offer free quotes to help new clients understand the overall cost, ensuring they are comfortable with the pricing. They also provide financing options to make their services more affordable, allowing those who qualify to avail of their painting services first and make the payment later.  

Finally, respected experts with over a decade of experience extend their services to other areas like Belleville, Yeagertown, Julian, University Park, Mingoville, Lewiston, and more. Therefore, hiring companies like these will let you access their services even if you move from State College to one of the regions mentioned above.

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