The Best Neighborhoods in Boston, Massachusetts

If the Boston region is on your radar, you’re probably sifting through all of the city’s neighborhoods to determine which one is the best fit for you. Whether you want to live in the center of the activity or in the figuratively greener pastures outside the city, there is a ton of variety in the various neighborhoods of Boston. There are also apartment budget friendlies around neighborhoods around Boston like Beacon Hill. You can find many apartments for rent in Beacon Hill, MA.

Boston not only has some of the nicest neighborhoods on the East Coast, but it also has quick access to the sea! The city is a thriving center for young professionals striving to advance their careers. Also ideal for singles wishing to meet new people are Boston’s outdoor activity options and vibrant nightlife. Here are the top 3 areas to visit before signing your lease.

Beacon Hill

One of Boston’s original neighborhoods is Beacon Hill. It retains its historic appeal because of the winding cobblestone lanes, federal-style row homes, and gaslit streets. If Beacon Hill were the only factor contributing to the neighborhood’s affordability, it would rank among the most expensive areas of Boston and Massachusetts. Beacon Hill, a quaint and idyllic community, borders Boston Common. Compared to other surrounding neighborhoods, this charming city area is dotted with small businesses, boutiques, and restaurants and boasts a more small-town and neighborly atmosphere.

Acorn Street, a winding old cobblestone street well-liked by tourists and engaged couples alike, is one of the area’s main draws. The National Museum of African American History and the Boston Athenaeum, one of the nation’s oldest libraries, is located on Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill has a lot going on locally along the charming Charles Street and is near the other parts of the city.


Cambridge often referred to as the “Intellectual Capital of the World,” provides an excellent small-town atmosphere without losing the convenience of metropolitan living. Some of the best educated Americans reside in this region, contributing to the people’s general progressive, liberal, and civic-minded outlook. About 30% of Cambridge’s population was born outside of the country, making it a city with a diversified population. Cambridge is a well-liked area to reside in because of its good quality of life and proximity to Boston, even though it isn’t strictly a neighborhood of Boston. Cambridge, situated just across the Charles River, comprises numerous “squares” that serve as the city’s smaller communities.

Harvard University, located in Harvard Square, has beautiful restaurants, stunning architecture, and boutiques that locals who live, work, and attend school there adore. Get some books and textbooks at the Harvard Coop bookshop, have a drink (or two!) at Charlie’s Kitchen beer garden, and get tickets to a play or musical at the American Repertory Theater, a Harvard theater noted for producing plays and musicals that eventually land on Broadway.

Kendall Square, where the Massachusetts Institute of Technology situates, is yet another area of Cambridge (MIT). Although Kendall Square is typically a more commercial district of Cambridge, more residents have recently moved there. Locals enjoy seeing indie movies at the Kendall Square Cinema, driving down Memorial Drive to take in the Boston skyline, and even renting kayaks at Paddleboston.


Charlestown, a highly sought-after area just north of Boston, is renowned for its sense of a close-knit community. Due to its Revolutionary War roots and the presence of the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill Monument looming over the area, it is a favorite among history enthusiasts and primary school field trips. Good Will Hunting, The Town, Fallout 4, and Assassin’s Creed 3 are all set in Charlestown. This Boston area witnessed one of the earliest battles of the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Bunker Hill, in 1775.

Charlestown may be much calmer than other Boston areas, so if you’re a student or young worker, you may need to travel a bit further to locate nightlife choices. However, it’s the ideal fit if you’re seeking a more peaceful existence in a residential location. Since it receives a perfect five in both the Public Transit and Walkability categories, all you need are some decent sneakers. Thanks to the Orange Line, you’ll have easy access to The Hub, as Bostonians refer to Downtown and other city areas. Charlestown’s friendly neighborhood complements its wonderful mix of refurbished, opulent, modern waterfront residences and ancient, brick, wood-frame antique townhouses.

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