The Future of Real Estate in Europe 

Since the wrath of the pandemic has died down over time, European economies have started to recover, and there is a clear indication of confidence among the property industry leaders. And despite many of them trying to come to terms with the radical changes in the real estate business market caused by the impacts of COVID-19. 

Currently, leaders are trying to draw comfort from the growing economic strength that is apparent in much of Europe right now, following the support of central banks and the government. Consequently, we have even started noticing some profitability expectations and business confidence on levels that are much higher than before we were impacted by COVID-19. 

Naturally, this would also mean that this support is being backed up by strong investor demand. Debt and equity are expected to come in big numbers despite the clear big differences in the sector. 

However, since the economy is being reformed and the society and real estate industry do not have the experience of what it is like to tackle the impacts of coming out of the pandemic, the situation has become volatile and uncertain. 

Constructive costs have become apparent as seen by the supply chain and labor mobility just around the same time as professionals in the business industry are trying to catch up to these new developments and the importance of ESG matters has gained a whole new level of urgency. 

On another note, some of the positive highlights that have come out this year are the affordable housing choices which, during the pandemic, had affected the society most vulnerable and the issues related to houses prices became more visible and political. The real estate industry has increased investment allocations into broader sector assets but it still remains a vulnerable moment to take on the role of a landlord. One global developer has even stated, “If we don’t produce new housing, then the prices will only go up and the problem will get bigger. So, we’re not here to win the popularity vote. We’re here to try and make profit and also try to do the good things and the right things.” 

There are still many trends being seen in Europe. For further information on the subject, the professionals in the field are the ideal example of individuals who can help you understand the information in more depth. 

Consider consulting the professionals at Nomad Capital – a Portugal-based real estate investment, promotion, and development company that acts as local development partners for international institutional investors that are looking to establish a presence in Portugal. 

Additionally, the company also supports the sourcing, development, marketing, acquisition, and operations of high-end resorts and residential projects. It also markets its projects directly to its consumers through digital and online platforms or an international network of brokers and agents. Through these activities, Nomad Capital ensures the handling of most of the development’s value chain, from financial and market studies to architectural and engineering projects – including the various items that relate to the project and the construction management, sales and marketing, interior design, aftersales, and property management. 


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