Tips To Design Your Dream Bedroom 

Many people want to redo their bedrooms but do not know where to begin. Having the urge to do something new to your room but having no idea about interior decoration can be frustrating. You know what you want, yet you do not understand how to create ideas and put them to practical use. This is where a Philadelphia interior decorator comes in. 

A professional in Philadelphia can hear out your wishes and craft the perfect ideas tailored only for you. Nevertheless, if you wish to go solo, a few tips can help you get started. Interior decoration can be both fun and simple once you understand the basics. 

Tips for designing your dream bedroom 

  • Best wall colors. 

There are hundreds of color options for you. Painting the walls requires money and effort, so picking the right one is important. First of all, decide whether you want to go for warm or cooler tones. Warm colors include red, orange, yellow, and emerald green, while the cooler ones are blue, green, pink, and purple. If you want to do something between them, then neutral colors like black, white, and gray may work for you. 

  • Do not ignore the ceiling. 

Most people think there are only four walls in a room, but there are actually five of them. The ceiling is your room’s fifth wall and is equally important for aesthetic appeal. When you lie on your bed facing the ceiling, you do not want to stare at a bland, black surface. Painting the ceiling can give off a feeling of intimacy and comfort. You can also add medallions and chandeliers for a luxury feeling. 

  • Make sure there is walking space. 

Your bedroom is the most important and used space in the house. When you walk around the room, you do not want to stub your toe into the furniture every two minutes. One must always choose the size and amount of furniture for the bedroom as per the room’s size. The key is to avoid extraneous furniture to walk around without feeling cramped. This is especially true for small rooms. If you have storage issues, you can try utilizing the space under the bed. 

  • Create a private corner. 

If you like to have a “me-time” every once in a while, do not forget to include one in your room. Gift yourself a special corner where you can sit and read, paint or do whatever you wish. Decorate the area with things you like, and put a comfortable chair and a footstool for your feet. If there are windows in your room, building a window seat is a great idea.


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