Tips to Select a Good Massage Table for Your Spa

Your spa needs to provide a rejuvenating and comfortable experience to customers. A good massage table is one type of furniture that needs to be comfortable. With the right massage table, you can elevate the overall spa experience.

But the market has a lot of options to present to spa owners. Each product has a different base, dimensions, materials, height, and weight. So, how do you pick? Here are some tips for picking a good massage table for your spa.

[1] The height of the table

The first important consideration is the height of the table. If you are an average-sized person, your thighs should be at a ninety-degree angle to the floor when you lie face down on the table.

The height of your massage table should also depend on the therapist’s height. Choosing the right height is vital to the comfort of both you and your customers, whether they are lying down or sitting in a chair. Make sure that this important point is not overlooked when deciding on a massage table for your spa business.

[2] Material of the massage table 

The second consideration is selecting a sturdy yet comfortable material for your massage table. These days, most massage tables are made of wood or metal with foam covering them from top to bottom.

If you are into wood massage tables, ensure that the wood is sturdy enough to hold your body weight. Heavy customers may break wooden tables with time, so be careful in purchasing one.

Foam covers are also important because customers may lay down on this surface for hours. Foam covering should be made of high-density foam and should cover the tabletop and the rest of the table well. It should not stretch out easily and should be completely comfortable to lie down on for hours at a time.

[3] The weight of the massage table matters

The next thing you need to consider is if your massage table comes with a base. The weight of your table will determine if you need a base or not. If it’s heavy, you can use a table that comes with legs for stability and to prevent the wobbling that could occur in some cases when you’re administering the massage on your customer.

If you think your table is light enough to be placed on the floor, go for an affordable massage table. Also, if your table is heavy, look for ones that have strong legs with adjustable heights so they can conform to tile or wooden floors in most spas. There should be no sharp edges on the bottom part of the table. This will prevent unnecessary scratches on the floor when the table is moved or repositioned.

To conclude

Picking good furniture or equipment for your spa business is challenging. It is likely that many customers would spend up to an hour or more at the massage table. Hence you should take utmost care when selecting a durable and good quality massage table for your spa.

There are many considerations that need your attention in as a spa owner. Aside from being comfortable, it should also be functional and durable at the same time.

A good massage table will give your customers a comfortable experience. And it will make their services more enticing to the customer. If you are looking for one, consider these tips to get one that fits your spa’s needs.


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