Travel, explore and get a cozy time in your RV with the right mattress

Due to the space-saving designs used by RV manufacturers, RV mattress sizes differ from regular mattress sizes. Knowing the various RV and camper mattress sizes is critical when hunting for a new mattress. Using the best RV mattresses on the market assures you receive various advantages.

First and foremost, after a long day of sightseeing, you will feel relaxed and revitalized. Furthermore, you will feel at ease with these mattresses since they provide superior comfort. You’ll also be looking forward to another day of touring and adventure since you had a good night’s sleep.

  • What Are the Different RV Mattress Types?

RVs come in an almost infinite variety of sizes and configurations, but there are a few standard mattress sizes that you’ll find in an RV. Even if they have the same name, some RV mattresses might be quite different from the mattress you use at home.

  • Mattress for a Twin:

Twin mattresses are quite frequent in RV setups due to their modest breadth and ease of fitting into small areas. They are also ideal for bunk beds. RV twin mattresses are typically available in two sizes: 28×75 in. and 28×80 in.

  • Mattress for a Truck:

The truck-size mattress derives its name from its common use within the cab of a semi-truck, although it may also be used in an RV. Truck mattresses come in two sizes: 35×79 and 42×80. A truck-size mattress is a good choice if you have tall sleepers.

  • Mattresses in Bunks:

Bunk RV mattresses are an ideal choice for a family-friendly setup with plenty of sleep room for kids, and they come in a variety of mattress sizes and dimensions to accommodate a wide range of sleepers’ ages and sizes.

  • Find the right Mattress for your RV:

Measure the measurements of the structure the mattress sits on or where you want the mattress to be to get the proper size mattress for your RV. This dimension should be used to find the equivalent name on the RV mattress size table above. Before purchasing a new mattress for your RV, double-check the measurements with the manufacturer. “Short king” and “RV king,” for example, differ by many inches.

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