Want to renovate your home this new year Look into these classic interior designs

A new year brings in so many refreshments and novel incidents in your life. You tend even to plan something that you haven’t done before to make this part of the year the best one for you. Of course, you’re optimistic that whatever would come would be great. And this is one of the reasons why most of people plan to renovate their houses during the new year. If you are one of those, then we are sure you are looking for some really classic and adorable interior designs. If yes, then we have got some really special ones for you listed below.

  • The all-white bedroom interior design – Most of the times, while renovating your house, decorating your bedroom is your prime focus. It is essential that your favourite part of the home looks extremely comfortable and alluring to you. So, if you are looking for a fantastic interior design for your bedroom, then we suggest going for all whites. This colour never goes out of trend and makes the place look brighter and livelier. Especially if you have a massive window in your bedroom, then as the sunlight pours into your room, the white colour enhances the effect of all the light,, and this ensures a more attractive bedroom. You can pick white coloured furniture for your room along with stark white paint on the wall or some light mixture of designs on the wallpaper, white ceilings and even the same shaded curtains. At the end of the day, this room will definitely look the best one for you in this hue.
  • The mirrored living room – The living room plays the second most important part in your home as you entertain and spend a lot of time in this place. The best decor theme for this area of your house could be a mirror interior design. In this concept, you use a lot of creative and attractive mirrors and spread them across the room in a very systematic yet fascinating way. With the reflection these mirrors create of the various parts of the house, the living room seems to look bigger and livelier. For example, you can use a mirror interior design with a very decorated focal wall and then play some mirrors precisely opposite this wall. The sunlight also plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of such a living room if you are placing a mirror precisely opposite the window. 
  • Modular cum green kitchen design – After the mirror interior design, you definitely are looking for some equally quirky and creative ideas to decorate your kitchen. Well, why don’t you go for the modular cum green kitchen design, then? You will have all the cabinets and drawers working at the tip of your finger because of this design. And with the greenhouse effect, you can grow lots of herbs and plants in your kitchen, which doesn’t just give you a healthy lifestyle but also keeps the auto fresh in this room.  

Along with these designs, you can use the minimalistic design for your bathroom, make the corridor speak of your family history with the pictorial decor in this section and even make the kid’s room go entirely colourful. So let’s see now how well you decorate your house this New Year and make it a refreshing start to tomorrow! You can also hire a interior design company in Singapore to help you make the perfect new year home.


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