What Is So Special About the 7 days candles?

7-day candles may be used for a variety of purposes, depending on your intention. Before smoking a cigarette, be certain your goals and desired outcomes are crystal obvious to you.

7 Day Candles: What They Are and How They Work

An unscented 7-day candle is a cylindrical glass container with a diameter of 2″ to 2.2″ and an overall height of 8″. Single or multi-colored candles are available. Candles with religious motifs and saints on the glass are common in seven-day candles.

Prayer, rituals, meditation, spiritual work and casting spells are just some of the various ways candles may be put to use. As with any other kind of candle work, you may add herbs, essential oils, and crystals to your candles. Most people focus on a single objective at a time and light one candle at a time.

Intentions, Colors, and Symbolism of Candles

The color of the candle you choose should be in harmony with your intentions. The colors of the candles have many connotations; choose the one that most closely corresponds to your intentions. The following are a few examples:

  • You may use this candle to attract money to you by lighting it.
  • When burning a pink candle, you’re attracting new romantic love or reinforcing old feelings.
  • Add some excitement to a certain part of your life with a dash of red.
  • This candle is for protection, purification, or to bring good energy into your prayer time.
  • This hue has the power to impact you in a certain area of your life.
  • It’s an excellent hue to wear while you’re meditating or looking for spiritual guidance.
  • The color blue is calming and reassuring, making it a good choice for calming down tense circumstances.
  • A yellow candle may be used to help in the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, or the discovery of solutions to difficulties.
  • The color gold is associated with wealth, financial prosperity, and good fortune.

How to Use 7-Day Candles in a Multi-Colored Way

There are seven layers of distinct colors in multi-colored 7 days candles. Candle color meanings are often followed. Use the seven levels in a variety of ways. You may put all seven of your aspirations into a single candle. Focus on one thing at a time, one at a time. Try to connect your wish to the color meaning of the candle. This candle may help you concentrate on seven distinct types of prayer. To unblock chakras, use a candle of the same color as the chakra center you’d want to focus on during your meditation.

Other Candles in a Variety of Colors

There are some multi-colored candles that don’t have seven different hues in them. A money candle, for example, may only have two colors: gold and green. According to the color wheel, each hue indicates a different denomination of currency.

Free Will Is Always In Charge.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you have the power to influence the significance of a candle color. Go follow your instincts, for example, if you’re attracted to blue because you want to make more money. Just keep in mind that blue is a color associated with water, as well as other things. Because of its association with water, wearing this hue may indicate that you’re looking for money in the form of water.


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