The Evolution of Solar Panels and Their Efficiency

Since the world is becoming more aware and concerned about the environment, more and more people are being attracted to solar energy. This is because it is one of the cleanest sources of energy. The device that is used to harness solar energy into the actual electricity is called the solar panel. 

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How solar panel cost and efficiency have changed over time

The potential of solar power was realized long ago. Solar panels have been around for over 60 years. The first functional solar panel was designed and developed in the Bell labs. However, in recent years, developments in solar power have been at a very fast pace. Solar panels have become cheaper and more efficient. 

Initially, the solar panels were not as efficient as to consider them as an alternative for the conventional energy systems but with time and more research, our scope of knowledge widened and today, we see solar power as one of the cleanest and most affordable forms of power in the world. 


Solar panels are devices that will be more into use in future. Since solar energy from solar panel installation el cajon ca is non-exhaustible, they are a great alternative to natural oils and coal.

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