What is the most common front door material?

Whether it is for security, aesthetics, privacy or even saving energy, a front door is always a reliable component of the house. This is why it is always beneficial to make sure your front door, for new installations or door replacement, is made with a material that is just perfect to provide such value. Here are some of the most common front door materials that offer great functional and aesthetics benefits. Let’s dive in for the specifics!

  • Wood

This may be obvious already, as wooden doors are very conventional and can be seen almost everywhere but, there are various kinds of woods used for front doors and they offer different benefits. They include mahogany wood, walnut wood, oak wood, and pine wood. These woods of course can be crafted to illustrate a custom-made front door design that is sturdy and weather-resistant. It is highly recommended that the wood used suits the climate of where the front door is installed.

  • Steel

This is probably one of the most efficient door materials. Steel made doors are synthetic metals manufactured from iron. Steel itself is hard and compact enough to maintain heat and coolness in a room. Steel doors are water resistant and they come in various designs and color coatings. It should be noted that steel doors rust and cannot be easily crafted like wooden doors. 

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass are fiber-reinforced plastic made from fine fibers of spun glass clasped together with resin. Like steel doors, fiberglass doors are sturdy and climate resistant, and as a result, have a long life-span. Insulated fiber doors also offer intensified energy efficiency to buildings and saves cost. Although fiberglass doors can also be painted, they tend to fade easily. 

  • Aluminum 

Aluminum doors are somewhat similar to steel and fiberglass in terms of durability and energy efficiency. These doors are light, silvery metals extracted from bauxite, and a couple of other elements. They are commonly used for patio or storm doors and unlike fiberglass, they do not easily fade away. For a material with such remarkable qualities, aluminum certainly guarantees users a stress free usage.

  • Vinyl 

A vinyl made door is certainly cost effective. It is made from an artificial kind of plastic that consists of ethylene and chlorine refined together. Vinyl is also mainly used for patio doors, but they are likewise effective for front door use.  A door made from vinyl requires minimal maintenance and is long lasting. Users can be confident of enjoying reduced power costs with this inexpensive door material.

There you have it! Our list of the most common front door materials in the industry. These can certainly inform your front door purchases, and help you save extra costs!



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